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Mario Movie Trailer - Nintendo Direct October 2022 Details

The Super Mario Movie trailer has finally been released during the Nintendo Direct! Here's everything that's about to go down in the Mushroom Kingdom!
Mario Movie Trailer - Nintendo Direct October 2022 Details

After over a year since the initial voice cast of the Super Mario movie was revealed, the debut trailer for one of the most highly-anticipated movies of all time has finally dropped!

Working in conjunction with Illumination Pictures (the studio responsible for such films as Minions, The Secret Life of Pets, and Sing), Nintendo is looking to take Mario to the big screen for the first time (we don't speak of the 1993 movie...).

Mario Movie Trailer Revealed In Nintendo Direct

Mario Movie Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt has always dreamed of becoming Mario (Picture: Chris Pratt / Nintendo)

The Nintendo Direct started out with a brief message from Shigeru Miyamoto himself, outlining his excitement for the upcoming movie. From here, we pivot into brief interviews with two voice actors for the movie!

Chris Pratt is first up and also expresses his long-held desire to become Mario from way back in his childhood when he was "stomping on Koopas."

Jack Black is next and states that this movie will leave its mark on the Mario fandom forever. Whether or not that mark is good or bad will only be revealed in time. 

What Happened In The Mario Trailer from the Nintendo Direct

Bowser Mario Movie
The animation quality for the Mario Movie is off the charts (Picture: Nintendo / Illumination)

The trailer itself starts out on Bowser's flying fortress as it crash lands outside a massive castle. With tons of Koops underlings in tow, Bowser is ushered out into the open. 

However, he is quickly met with an army of penguins.

Penguins mario movie
An army of penguins face down the King of the Koopas (Picture: Nintendo / Illumination)

While not confirmed, this could be an homage to the Mario Party 5 minigame "Pushy Penguins," in which players would have to navigate an onslaught of oncoming penguins to avoid being pushed into the icy water. 

Mario Party 5 pushy Penguins
Pushy Penguins is a popular game in Mario Party 5. Could this be an homage? (Picture: Nintendo)

Bowser then makes his way inside and acquires a power star before we cut to Mario in a field of mushrooms. Mario looks a little dazed as if he has been transported to this world without much recollection as to why. He then bumps into [a] Toad, and the pair make their way to the Mushroom Kingdom. It's not yet known if Toad will be a singular entity in this Universe or one of many like he is in the games. 

Mario Movie
Despite not having an Italian accent, Mario is the spitting image of his game counterpart (Picture: Nintendo / Illumination)

Overall, the Nintendo Direct trailer was very short and only gave a brief overview of the plot. However, the animation looked silky smooth, and Jack Black as Bowser feels like a natural fit!

And that's all. For more movies news and leaks, check out our dedicated category!

Featured image courtesy of Nintendo / Illumination.