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Magic: Legends Open Beta - Release date, features, how to register, and more

The long-awaited game, based on the successful Wizards of the Coast card game is about to begin its open beta. Learn how you can be a part of it here.
Magic: Legends Open Beta - Release date, features, how to register, and more

It's been more than a year since we got our first look at Magic: Legends, the Diablo-esque action RPG based off the immensely popular Magic: The Gathering card game.

In the game, players will be on a mission to end with the dark threat once and for all, to achieve this, they will take the role of a powerful hero with special abilities, known as a Planeswalker.

Magic: Legends open beta
(Picture: Magic: The Gathering)

In the card game, a Planeswalker is a master sorcerer, who, using spell decks, can destroy hordes of enemies on the battlefield. The same will translate to the video game, where players must build their own decks to defeat everything in their path, with unique fighting styles and abilities.

How do you get in the Magic: Legends Open Beta?

Cryptic Studios, the developers, recently revealed that thousands of players have participated in the closed Alpha tests that were carried out in the past few months. Thanks to this, various systems featured in the game have been improved, such as combat and character progression.

With this, they have confirmed that the game is now ready for the Open Beta phase. The tests will be carried out from 23rd March, while this will only be available on PC at the moment.

How to get in magic legends beta
(Picture: Cryptic Studios)

Those interested can now register for the Open Beta on the game's official page, where it will only be required to have an Arc account, the Perfect World login service. These can be created using email or linking your Facebook account.

Finally, the developers confirmed that they will carry out another Alpha first and that those chosen will receive their invitations shortly, in addition, they hope that Magic: Legends will be available by the end of the year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.