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Magic The Gathering Fallout Release Date Window and Cards

Magic. Magic The Gathering never changes, as Fallout joins the Universes Beyond.
Magic The Gathering Fallout Release Date Window and Cards
Wizards of the Coast

The Universes Beyond branding is a great way for Magic The Gathering to bring in new fans by letting them play with characters from their favorite franchises. There's the Lord of the Rings set, the upcoming Doctor Who set, and the upcoming Fallout and Assassin's Creed sets. With Bethesda hype at a high thanks to Starfield, there's a lot of eyes on what the company's properties could achieve in the TCG space, and as the biggest TCG in the game Magic The Gathering guarantees the most eyes on the company. But what can you expect to see in the Fallout set? And when exactly will it be released? We take a look and find out.

Magic The Gathering Fallout Release Date

The Magic The Gathering Universes Beyond Fallout set will be released early next year, in March of 2024. It's the first of two sets releasing under this branding next year, with the other being an Assassin's Creed set. We'll more than likely get our first look at the cards in the set around Christmas this year, with cards and decks being teased throughout the months before the actual decks release. 

Normally, we'll know what is contained in a deck up to two weeks before the actual deck releases, so we should know what's actually in each of the Commander Decks at around the start of March 2024.


Magic The Gathering Fallout Cards

It's likely that we'll see cards relating to the most famous factions and monsters in Fallout, so expect to see the Deathclaw and the Brotherhood of Steel represented in this set alongside several other characters from throughout the history of the franchise. There's also the potential that we see several of the perks from the franchise represented as cards, using art depicting the Vault Boy doing various actions to show what is happening.

Will the Magic The Gathering Fallout cards be sold in decks or boosters?

The Magic The Gathering Fallout set will contain multiple different Commander Decks that are composed of 100 different cards. Just like how the Lord of the Rings Commander Decks worked, some of these cards will be reprints of already existing Magic The Gathering cards, and some of these will be brand new cards created to tie into the world of Fallout. 

If it's anything like the Doctor Who commander decks, then we can expect four separate decks. Interestingly, since there are four separate mainline Fallout games, we could be looking at a deck per game, or we could mix and match the history of the Fallout apocalypse. Some small insight into the decks was given during Gen Con 2023 by the Senior Product Designer of Magic The Gathering, Athena Froehlich:

"Preconstructed decks take players to the post-nuclear alternate reality world of Fallout. Gangs of bloodthirsty raiders, towering super mutants, irradiated monsters, and deadly retro futurist robots roam the Wasteland. Humanity has formed several factions striving for survival. From those locked away in the pre-war vaults to new groups, looking to rebuild society anew. 

This release of Commander decks is a love letter to this iconic gaming franchise, with each representing one of the Wasteland's many colorful factions represented in Magic form"