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How to find briar branches in New World

Briar branches are needed for one specific quest in New World. Check out this guide to learn where to find briar branches in New World.
How to find briar branches in New World

If you’ve been to the Windsward settlement in New World, you might have stumbled upon a quest that involves briar branches.

The quest is Pricky Request and is given to you by the barkeep, Cormack. He tasks you with finding specific ingredients for his famous stew, which you need to find out in the world. 

The first two ingredients are three skinned rabbits and six plucked turkeys, which are fairly easy to find out in the world. However, the third ingredient is finding eight briar branches, which are foreign to many players. 

Many players have ended up not finishing this quest because they have no idea where to find briar branches. Well, today that’s exactly what we’re going to go over so you can finish the Prickly Request quest and earn Barkeep Cormack’s rewards.

Prickly Request quest - Finding briar branches in New World

briar branches location where to find New World
A briar in New World. (Picture: Amazon/iMachi)

Briar branches are difficult to find because they can look like a regular bush. They have a slight difference, though, in that they’re thorny and have some light green leaves attached to brown branches.

You can find briars near water, so wherever there’s a lake or pond of some kind, look all around that area. Eventually, you should be able to find a briar bush. Once you’ve located one, all you need to do is approach it and interact with it. This will net you two briars, which are then added to your inventory. Repeat this process with three other briars and you’ll have the necessary ingredients for Cormack.

If you’re looking for a specific location of briars, you can head due west from Windsward until you find a river. Briars will scatter the edge of the river and allow you to complete this quest with ease.