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How to get onion in New World

Onion is a rare cooking ingredient that can only be located in the First Light region. Here are all 16 locations where you can find an onion in New World MMO.
How to get onion in New World

New World is taking the gaming world by storm, even with plenty of connection issues preventing players from trying out the latest Amazon Games MMO.

As with any RPG, finding resources and scavenging for food to upgrade your character in a variety of ways is key to success, with onions being one of the rare commodities in Amazon's New World MMO.

Onions can be used to cook recipes that will help your Focus stats and can only be found in the First Light region of New World, so knowing all the places to farm this precious ingredient might come in handy.

So, without further ado, here are all the 16 locations in which you can find onion in New World.

New World - Where to find onion

As we've mentioned, there are 16 locations from which you can farm onions. This ingredient comes when you loot Provision Crate's or Stockpiles, however, keep in mind that you're not guaranteed to get an onion.

On top of this, each crate respawns after 30 minutes, so knowing the location of each can help your grind become a lot more efficient.

Dayspring Mills

new world onion locations
First onion crate. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Enter the building right of the location icon. You'll see the crate immediately.

Saircor Bridge

saircor bridge
Second onion crate. (Picture: Amazon Games)

The provision crate is right where the bridge starts to crack, near the right side of the lake. 

Light's Crown

lights crown
Location of the third onion crate. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Inspect the building above the crossroads in this area and you'll find the crate.

Elafry Pyrgo

elafry pyrgo
Location of the fourth onion crate. (Picture: Amazon Games)

At the bottom of the obelisk on the bottom right area, you'll find a crate filled with goods.

elafry pyrgo
The fifth and sixth crates are here. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Now go to the top left of the structure and search the balcony on the main building after reaching the stairs.

Then go left and take the stairs down from the balcony to see the next crate.

Hilltop Encampment

hilltop encampment
Location of the seventh onion crate. (Picture: Amazon Games)

As soon as you enter the settlement, check the tents to your left to find the crate. 

Letum's Pick

letum's pit
Location of the eight onion crate. (Picture: Amazon Games)

You'll find this one on a small building near the second crossroad, it's the one closer to the right side of your map.

Nyhart's Anchorage

nyhart's anchorage
Location of the ninth onion crate. (Picture: Amazon Games)

There are a ton of crates in this area, the first of them found on a small section after deviating yourself from the upper road. There are several buildings, search the watchtower. 

Location of the tenth onion crate. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Continue moving left from your previous location until you find more buildings, including a tavern; explore it and you'll easily find it.

Location of the eleventh onion crate. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Now head to the bottom right section of the area illustrated above until you reach a stairway leading you upwards to a pirate cove. The crate will be located immediately to your right after using the stairs. 

more crates
Location of the twelfth onion crate. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Head back down the stairs and into the cave entrance lit with torches. There's an enemy to your right mining for something. Right next to him, you'll find the crate.

Location of the thirteenth onion crate. (Picture: Amazon Games)
Location of the thirteenth onion crate. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Go to the bottom left of the area until you find a small pier with supplies on the platforms. There is a crate right there for the taking.

Location of the fourteenth onion crate. (Picture: Amazon Games)
Location of the fourteenth onion crate. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Now, turn around and climb the buildings in front of the docks, make your way up the watchtower to seize it. 

Hoff Point

Location of the fifteenth onion crate. (Picture: Amazon Games)
Location of the fifteenth onion crate. (Picture: Amazon Games)

South of Hoff Point, make your way to the right path after the crossroad. You'll spot yet another watchtower to loot.

Coffman's Redoubt

Location of the fifteenth onion crate. (Picture: Amazon Games)
Location of the final onion crate. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Reach the bottom right of this new pirate cove you just discovered, moving from the throne area, check the right side to find the crate.

If you want a more visual guide, check out HTF Games Studio video down below.


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Featured image via Amazon Games.