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What time does the New World closed beta start?

Get access to Aeternum and much more when the New World closed beta launches. But at what time?
What time does the New World closed beta start?

The day that MMO fans around the world have been waiting for is nearly here, as New World is set to open its doors for beta testing.

While this is still a closed beta, more players than ever will be exploring the world of Aeternum for the first time. Amazon Games has provided a huge list of frequently asked questions for newcomers to the game, which we previously covered. However, some fans are still a bit confused when it comes to the closed beta. 

In this article, we’ll detail exactly when the closed beta for New World is set to begin along with some other details about the launch. 

New World closed beta launch time and details

New World closed beta launch time
New World is launching its closed beta on 20th July. (Picture: Amazon)

As of the time of writing, the New World closed beta is expected to begin at 9 am PT, 12 pm ET, and 5 pm GMT on 20th July. Players who have either pre-ordered the game or gotten a tester link for the beta will then be able to access New World.

For those who pre-ordered on Amazon or Steam, the pre-download should be available to you. Although, those who pre-ordered on Amazon after 17th July will have to wait until the day of the beta to receive a Steam key they can input to download the client. There are two editions players can currently pre-order. One is the $40 standard version and the other is the $50 deluxe version that gives players some skins and a Mastiff house pet.

The download for the New World beta is around 37 GB on PC. Players with slower internet speeds will definitely need to pre-download before the beta begins.

New World closed beta launch time
(Picture: Amazon)

Aside from pre-ordering and receiving a tester link, there are no other ways to access the New World beta. Fans can read the FAQ about the beta on the game’s website for all of the information currently available to the public. 

In regards to the beta itself, players will have the chance to experience New World from 20th July until 2nd August. During this time, players can stream and create content around the game. This means that the servers will be populated with streamers and their different teams, like Sacriel’s Team Covenant, going head-to-head and exploring the new additions. The servers available for the game are found below, courtesy of the New World Twitter. 

Once 2nd August rolls around, New World will close the servers until the full release on 31st August. All progress from the beta will be wiped for the launch, so don’t get too attached to anything during this time period.