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How To Get T1 Essence In Nightingale

T1 Essence is an important resource in Nightingale. Here's how to get some on your adventure through the Faewilds.
How To Get T1 Essence In Nightingale
Inflexion Games

T1 Essence in Nightingale is the first of three Essence tiers that have two very important uses: they allows players to make some powerful upgrades and can also be used to purchase certain items from Essence Traders in the Faewilds. 

Ranging from T1 to T3, this type of Essence isn't particularly easy to find out in the wild. T1, however, is the most accessible of the three, being the lowest tier. You'll begin finding T1 Essence during the early game, but you'll soon find that you need to get your hands on more. Here's what you need to know. 

How To Get More T1 Essence In Nightingale

T1 is an uncommon Essence in Nightingale. (Picture: Inflexion Games, screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs)

You'll have a higher chance of finding T1 Essence in Points of Interests (POIs) around your Realms. Fae Towers and Sites of Power are particularly safe bets when looking for T1 Essence, as they will likely house enemies and loot containers that drop the Essence either individually or as a reward for clearing the POI.

You should also make use of the Realmic Transmuter to use any Minor Cards you might have that will skew the loot and resource pool in your favor. 

But if combat isn't your strong point, then you can also extract T1 Essence from certain materials. You'll be lookin for "Green" materials to extract from, which are typically harder to come by than your regular materials and resources. Be sure to check your inventory for any green materials you might have picked up along the way.

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Nightingale is available to play on PC via Steam and The Epic Games Store. The game launched in early acess on February 20, 2024.