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Nightingale Early Access Release Date, Gameplay, Features, PC Specs

Everything you need to know about the action-survival game Nightingale, from its Early Access release to gameplay, features, and even PC requirements.
Nightingale Early Access Release Date, Gameplay, Features, PC Specs
Inflexion Games

Inflexion Games's Nightingale looks to be something extremely special and unique in the ever-growing survival game genre. From everything we've seen so far, the journey into the Fae Realms, filled with survival and adventure in the huge Gaslamp Fantasy world, looks amazing.

If you can't wait to become a Realmwalker, exploring, crafting, fighting, and building in the Fae Realms, then we've got you covered. This article explains everything we know so far about Nightingale, from gameplay and features to the precise Early Access release date, platforms, and even PC specs, so let's dive in!

Update on 30 October 2023: We've checked for any new Nightingale news or info and updated this article accordingly.

Latest Nightingale News & Leaks

nightingale release date early access platforms pc steam epic games store gameplay features pc specs requirements
The gaslamp fantasy world of Nightingale is filled with dangers! (Picture: Inflexion Games)

This consistently updated section will always bring you the latest Nightingale news and leaks.

30 October 2023: The Automaton Bishop
28 August 2023: Nightingale Early Access release trailer!

You can check out the Nightingale Early Access release from Gamescom 2023 below and get hyped for this awesome-looking survival game!

Nightingale Early Access Release Date & Platforms

It has been confirmed via the Gamescom 2023 trailer that Nightingale's Early Access release date is 22 February 2024.

At the time of writing, it appears that the game will only be available on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

There is no word on a Nightingale console release, but we will update you if details or confirmation appear.

When is the Nightingale Full Release?

nightingale release date early access platforms pc steam epic games store gameplay features pc specs requirements
Start exploring Nightingale alone or with friends via co-op multiplayer on 22 February 2024! (Picture: Inflexion Games)

Nightingale will be in its Early Access phase for nine months to a year, according to the developers. This means we can expect the game's full release date to be somewhere between December 2024 and February 2025. The developers explain:

We currently predict that Nightingale will be in Early Access for 9-12 months. However, we don’t want to stick to a date and underdeliver on the experience. We’ll make sure that Nightingale will only come out of Early Access when it’s ready.

Keep in mind that anything can happen during the ongoing development process, so take the nine-month to one-year timeframe with a grain of salt.

Nightingale Gameplay Features

nightingale release date early access platforms pc steam epic games store gameplay features pc specs requirements
Explore the Fae Realms and meet/might crazy enemies. (Picture: Inflexion Games)

Nightingale is dubbed as a PvE open-world survival crafting/action game. You can play solo or with friends as you build, fight, explore, and craft, venturing through the mystical portals into a variety of "amazing and fantastical realms.

The ultimate goal is to become a skilled Realmwalker, navigate your way through the transdimensional portals and realms, and discover the city of Nightingale, which is the last bastion of humanity according to the game's lore.

You can find a list of Nightingale gameplay features below.

  • Survive the Realms - Prepare to make your way through Faewild forests, harrowing swamps, shimmering deserts, and shadowy jungles as you unlock the portals leading deeper into the lands of Fae. Cook meals, build shelter, and muster the spirit to persevere in the face of adversity.
  • Gather and Craft - Craft tools to harvest trees, ore, and plants, along with rarer resources found deep in the realms. Discover new schematics and assemble the equipment and weapons you need to survive. Using specialized ingredients and arcane technologies, you can enhance your gear with magical properties.
  • Build and Manage - Design and construct an impressive estate from a variety of styles and tilesets. Upgrade and customize your structures, and form communities to safely live off the land. You can even recruit NPC workers to help expand your homestead, automate production, and assist in resource gathering.
  • Explore and Discover - Freely roam expansive realms, where stunning visuals will transport you into a mystical Gaslamp Fantasy world. Find the abandoned remnants of past Realmwalker expeditions, investigate mysterious Fae architecture, and scout derelict ruins. Through every new portal, beauty and danger await you in equal measure.
  • Co-op or Solo - Adventure solo, or play cooperatively with your friends in an online shared-world realmscape. Combine your strengths, skills, and resources to survive and thrive together. Work together to build communal estates, join up in uncovering the mysteries of the realms, and unite in facing the challenges of the Fae.
  • Deadly Encounters - Craft and wield a variety of melee weapons and firearms in first-person combat. Confront the fearsome creatures that lurk in the portal network. Fend off incursions by the twisted Fae mimicries of humanity known only as the Bound. Join other players against colossal apex creatures in the deepest reaches of the realms.

Nightingale sure does sound ambitious! Throughout the Early Access period on PC, the developers plan to add more story content, new realms to explore, and introduce the fabled City of Nightingale. 

Nightingale PC System Requirements (Specs)

nightingale release date early access platforms pc steam epic games store gameplay features pc specs requirements
The world of Nightingale looks incredibly detailed and stunning. (Picture: Inflexion Games)

At the time of writing, only the minimum PC system requirements for Nightingale are available. If you want to know if your gaming rig has the required specs to run this awesome-looking survival game, then check them out below. We will update this section once the recommended system requirements are available.

  • OS: Windows 10 64-Bit
  • Processor: 3.0 GHz Quad Core
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD RX580 (or greater)
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 100 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: SSD required.

In case you missed the initial reveal of Nightingale gameplay, then check it out below, as it looks incredible!

That's everything you need to know about the upcoming open-world action-survival title, Nightingale, making its way to PC via Early Access next year. As more information becomes available, we will endeavor to update the news section of this article.