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Nintendo Seemingly Filed Patent For New Dual-Screen System

An application has emerged from November 2022 that seems to suggest Nintendo filed a patent for a new dual-screen system, with detachable screens.
Nintendo Seemingly Filed Patent For New Dual-Screen System

Nintendo is no stranger to a dual-screen console system. We only have to look back to the Nintendo DS family of consoles to see their success. But it seems that the company filed a patent for another dual-screen system, this time with screens that can be split into two.

The application was shared via the World Intellectual Property Organisation website, and was spotted first by GameRant and then posted via ResetEra. The application suggests that the top and bottom screens can be used separately and independantly, unlike the Nintendo DS systems.

The images filed with the patent seem to suggest that, when closed, a screen is still visible from the outside. (Picture: Nintendo, via WIPO)

According to the patent application, "The first device and the second device can be detachably attached to each other. The first device has a first surface, and a first display and a first connection unit which are positioned on the first surface. The second device has a second surface, a second display that is positioned on the second surface, a second rear surface that is on the reverse side from the second surface, and a second connection unit that is positioned on the second rear surface." 

(Picture: Nintendo, via WIPO)

Nintendo fans have been anxiously awaiting news of a new system, namely the Nintendo Switch 2, but this patent application from last year doesn't guarantee that this system will come to life. The patent application is merely a concept, and Nintendo has filed plenty of them in the past for systems that have never seen the light of day. 

That said, it's been reported that certain developers were shown a version of Nintendo's next console at Gamescom earlier this year, so a new system could be on the way.