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How To Unlock More Machines In F-Zero 99

Here, we will go over if it's possible to unlock more machines in F-Zero 99.
How To Unlock More Machines In F-Zero 99

Nintendo is a company that has put out a lot of different game series that all have dedicated fanbases, each one hoping for something new for those games. For example, there are a lot of different Metroid Prime fans who are patiently waiting for the next remake or the next sequel. The same can be said for F-Zero fans, who finally got F-Zero 99.

There were plenty of rumors saying that F-Zero was coming but nobody expected F-Zero 99 to be the play. There was plenty of excitement surrounding this particular title as this is the first F-Zero game in a very long time. But there are some questions that some players have before getting into it. For example, how can players unlock new machines in F-Zero 99? We have the answer to that question here.

Can You Unlock More Machines In F-Zero 99?

F-Zero 99 Unlock More Machines
F-Zero 99 does not have too many machines available to use. (Picture: Nintendo)

F-Zero is a very fast-paced game series where players will use hover machines to race across a variety of courses. These machines can go extremely fast and each one is different. Like kart parts in Mario Kart 8, what machine players use does matter. When players download F-Zero 99, they will start with four different machines.

Now the question is, can players unlock more machines in F-Zero 99?

Sadly no, there are no unlockable machines in F-Zero 99 right now. The four players start with are the four that everyone has. No one can unlock more machines in F-Zero 99 which is probably for the best as it keeps the game balanced if everyone has access to the same machines.

How To Unlock More Cosmetics In F-Zero 99

Machines F-Zero 99 How To Unlock
Players will want to focus more on cosmetics to get different-looking machines. (Picture: Nintendo)

Although players can only have four different kinds of machines in F-Zero 99, that does not mean they will always be the same. Players can actually unlock a variety of different cosmetics for their machines. For example, the Blue Falcon can become red instead and have a variety of different decals instead of the default ones.

So how do players unlock more cosmetics in F-Zero 99? The simple solution is to play the machine you want to unlock more cosmetics for it. Doing so will allow you to complete a variety of challenges on that machine and then unlock more cosmetics. So keep using your favorite machine and you can customize it as you wish.