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Are There New Game Modes Coming To F-Zero 99?

Data miners believe that new game modes might be coming to F-Zero 99.
Are There New Game Modes Coming To F-Zero 99?

When F-Zero 99 was announced in the latest Nintendo Direct, it came as a surprise. F-Zero is a game series from Nintendo that has not seen a new title in a very long time. So, although this is not exactly what fans were asking for, players were optimistic that this game would actually be enjoyable for everybody.

And that optimism was rewarded. Players got a very familiar F-Zero experience, but now with 99 players on a course. The chaos of having all of those machines on the same course is what brings players to F-Zero 99. Right now, the most players can do in F-Zero 99 is race but it looks like new game modes are coming to soon.

New Game Modes Rumored For F-Zero 99

F-Zero 99 Game Modes
Players could be encouraged to focus on getting the most KO's in future game modes of F-Zero 99. (Picture: Nintendo)

F-Zero 99 already has data miners looking into the files in the hopes of gaining a glimpse at what's on the way, and it looks like they found something.

Two new game modes are rumored to be on the way, called Arcade Mode and Survival Mode. Arcade mode has players racing through gates to increase their timer and the last man standing wins. Survival mode only has a picture of a flat square hidden behind those files. For now, we have no additional information on what Survival Mode could be for F-Zero 99.

When Are The New Game Modes Coming To F-Zero 99?

F-Zero 99 New Game Modes
New game modes could bring new chaos to F-Zero 99. (Picture: Nintendo)

As of right now, there are no new game modes that have been confirmed by Nintendo. As far as we are aware, these game modes that the data miners have found are just leftover data that could end up not being used. But it looks like at the very least, Arcade Mode seems much more well defined than anything else they have found.

If we had to guess when these new game modes would be released, we would say at the end of October or early November. King League is the last known update that we are currently aware of for F-Zero 99 and that will launch as of mid-October. Unless Arcade Mode launches with Queen League instead of King League, that time frame is the most likely result.