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Perfect Dark's Nintendo Switch Online Port Is Anything But Perfect

Perfect Dark has been added to the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack library, but it's not in the best shape.
Perfect Dark's Nintendo Switch Online Port Is Anything But Perfect

Following the announcement of a brand new Perfect Dark coming to Xbox from The Initiative and Crystal Dynamics, Nintendo saw fit to capitalize on the hype by releasing the N64 debut Perfect Dark onto the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack collection.  

Considered a spiritual successor to 1997's GoldenEye 007, this FPS was a huge success and went on to fuel a cult following. Now, the original is finally playable again on a Nintendo system, but it doesn't look... Perfect. 

One GoldenEye 007 player (and World Champion), @Graslu00, took to social media to run through all of the issues currently present in the Perfect Dark port, ranging from poor sound, texture issues, and a very hard-to-handle dizzying effect. "Yeah there's no point in playing this version, it's the worst. It's like playing on a 2007 emulator."

Out of all the issues @Graslu00 lists in their thread, the worst is arguably the dizzying effect. For some the effect simply makes it nearly-impossible to navigate around the level, and for others it freezes the game entirely. 

@Graslu00 also noted that the "online" multiplayer aspect of the game doesn't allow players on different continents, or even different countries, to play together online.

The GoldenEye enthusiast finished their thread by suggesting that fans give this version of Perfect Dark a miss, "Do yourself a favour and play the PC version instead."