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Nintendo Shuts Down Repair Support For Wii U Due To Lack Of Parts

Parts for the Nintendo Wii U consoles and peripherals have officially run out, resulting in the discontinuation of repair support for the hardware.
Nintendo Shuts Down Repair Support For Wii U Due To Lack Of Parts
(Picture: Nintendo)

Nintendo Wii U owners can no longer send their consoles for repairs, as the Japanese company has officially discontinued its repair support for the console. The news comes as Nintendo announced it would cease support in Japan in May 2023, citing that should parts be depleted, it would have to end its services.

Following its announcement last year, Nintendo encouraged its community to apply for Wii U repairs for consoles and peripherals until "stock has run out." With stock officially depleted, owners will have an increasingly difficult time repairing all Wii U hardware, including peripherals, with the official repair service wholly shut down.

Nintendo released the Wii U console in November 2012 as the successor to the Wii; however, sales reflected that the console was a minor hit with players. Despite releasing some of the best-selling games for the console, including The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, Splatoon, and Super Mario 3D World, many Wii U games have been brought over to the Nintendo Switch as Nintendo has started slowly reducing support for the console.

Before announcing that repair parts for the Wii U had started to dwindle, the fate of the Wii U began with Nintendo announcing that the eShop would close for the console. This also included removing credit card support as Nintendo had asked owners to transfer funds to their Nintendo Account, which can be accessed on the Switch.

While they kept online capabilities for the Wii U console, more bad news followed as Nintendo confirmed that several capabilities, like online play and other related features, would end in April 2024 for the Wii U and 3DS consoles. There is a slight glimmer of hope as owners can still play games, modes and use features that don't "require online communication;" however, this recent update seemingly dealt the final blow for the Wii U.

As owners can no longer send their hardware for repairs using official parts, it remains to be seen if owners will pivot toward third-party services and hardware. Either way, this latest development has become a dark day for the Wii U hardware and its dedicated player base as Nintendo continues to move forward with its next console, the Switch 2, which is reportedly arriving on the market next year.