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Three New Games Added To Nintendo Switch Online In October Update

Just in time for Halloween, three spooky games have been added to Nintendo Switch Online
Three New Games Added To Nintendo Switch Online In October Update

Halloween is here, and to celebrate the spooky season, Nintendo has dropped an update for Nintendo Switch Online. While nothing groundbreaking, three new NES games have been added to the market. 

The first of these is Castlevania Legends, originally released for the Game Boy. Players will need to put their platforming skills to the test as they jump and whip their way to victory in one of the toughest games out there. 

Castlevania Legends was released for the Game Boy. (Picture: Nintendo)

The second is Devil World, originally released for the NES. Super Smash Bros enthusiasts may remember this cheeky devil as an Assist Trophy who would move the screen around with a gesture from his fingers. Players will need to complete various challenges, all while navigating a screen that constantly sways side to side and up and down.

Devil World was released for the NES. (Picture: Nintendo)

Finally, The Mysterious Murasame Castle, also originally released on the NES, is a Zelda-style action adventure game in which players will need to navigate several rooms, solve puzzles, and defeat enemies. 

It's great to see Nintendo releasing more and more retro games onto the Nintendo Switch, and hopefully, this trend of having access to all older games will continue. 

All of these three games are now available to download for Nintendo Switch Online membership owners.