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Who Voices Mario In Super Mario Wonder

With Charles Martinet retiring as the voice of Mario, who will voice Mario in Super Mario Wonder?
Who Voices Mario In Super Mario Wonder
Update October 13 - The new voice of Mario has been confirmed as Kevin Afghani. It was confirmed by the voice actor himself on X (formally Twitter).

Original Story Follows - Times are changing for those who have been long-time fans of Nintendo. Throughout the lifecycle of the Nintendo Switch, there has been a flow of games that fans expect from Nintendo. There have been also some surprises that players did not expect, like a Metroid Prime Remaster being launched on the same day it was announced.

With the next-gen Nintendo Console supposedly on the way, even more changes are happening although we will still have a steady flow of games coming. Super Mario Wonder is going to be released later this year and fans are excited, although, the first trailer did raise a few concerns. Namely, some observant fans noticed that Mario sounded a little... different.

Fast forward a few weeks and Nintendo has officially announced that Charles Martinet will be retiring as the voice of Mario. This begs the question: Who will be the voice of Mario when Super Mario Wonder is released?

New Mario Voice
Super Mario Wonder is coming later this year and it will not feature Charles Martinet as Mario. (Picture: Nintendo)

Charles Martinet Is Not Involved In Super Mario Wonder

For those who are not aware, Charles Martinet was the iconic voice of Mario. Not only did he voice Mario, but he voiced a large number of other Nintendo characters. It was recently announced by Nintendo that Charles Martinet will no longer be recording character voices for any Nintendo games. This includes the Mario series which he was so involved in the past.

But what about Super Mario Wonder? Although the game is coming out in a few short months, Charles Martinet will not be the voice of Mario in Super Mario Wonder. This was confirmed by Nintendo after several other news outlets reached out to them for that information. This will be the first game featuring a new voice actor for Mario.

Who Will Voice Mario In Super Mario Wonder?

With us now having full confirmation that Charles Marinet not being the voice of Mario, we now have a question to ask: Who will voice Mario now? When asked, Nintendo responded that there is indeed a new voice of Mario, and the new voice will be revealed when players beat the game and get the ending credits.

Super Mario Wonder Mario Voice
Nintendo plans on hiding who is the new voice of Mario until Super Mario Wonder launches. (Picture: Nintendo)

But at this point, the voice of Mario could be anyone. After all, Chris Pratt was the voice of Mario in the Super Mario Bros. Movie. One thing is for sure, whoever is going to be the voice of Mario has big shoes to fill. After all, Mario has had the same voice for a very long time now and fans have come to say that Charles Martinet's performance as Mario is iconic.