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Overwatch 2 Next Tank Hero (Season 8): News, Leaks & Everything We Know

Here is all the information that is currently available about the next Tank Hero coming to Overwatch 2 in Season 8.
Overwatch 2 Next Tank Hero (Season 8): News, Leaks & Everything We Know

Ever since the launch of Overwatch 2, there has been a constant good flow of content for players to enjoy. With many updates that have happened throughout the various seasons of the game, there is always something to strive for in Overwatch 2. Whether it is rank or completing the battle pass, Overwatch 2 PvP is in a pretty good spot right now.

One thing that has kept players excited about Overwatch 2 is the constant new flow of heroes that have been introduced. In Season 2, Ramattra was the new tank hero around the block. It will take some time, but a new tank hero will be introduced in Season 8. Here is everything we know about the new tank hero coming in season 8 of Overwatch 2.

12 July 2023 - We've checked for the latest news, leaks and updates.

Overwatch 2 Tank Hero Season 8
Season 8 will introduce the 12th tank hero to the Overwatch 2 roster. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

When Is The New Tank Hero Coming To Overwatch 2

Ever since the launch of Overwatch 2, we have had a constant flow of new heroes and new maps for everyone to enjoy. After Season 1 of the game, Season 2 introduced another new hero, Ramattra. In Season 3, there was a new map. In Season 4, Lifeweaver joined the roster. We think you know where we're heading with this, but essentially Blizzard adds a new hero with every even-numbered season. Looking further afield, we already know that Blizzard are working on a new Support Hero for Season 6, with a new Tank hero also in the works.

Whilst it's not mentioned specifically on the Overwatch 2 Roadmap, it seems quite likely this new Tank hero is coming in Season 8. But when exactly will the new tank hero come to Overwatch 2?

Well, Overwatch 2 seasons tend to last roughly the same amount of time and whilst it's not 100% confirmed, we think it's possible the new Season 8 tank hero will come to Overwatch 2 on December 12th of 2023. Naturally, we'll be sure to update this page with more info as soon as we get it. 

Overwatch 2 Mauga Tank Hero New Season 8
Mauga has a pretty good chance of being the newest tank hero in Overwatch 2.(Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

Who Is The New Tank Hero Coming To Season 8 Of Overwatch 2

When it comes to Overwatch 2, there are actually a lot of existing side characters that are not in the main roster of the game. These side characters are various driving factors for many of the current heroes in Overwatch 2. Some of them are dangerous and some of them are heroes waiting to be recruited to the Overwatch 2.

However, we believe that the next tank hero will be Mauga, a member of Talon. In the Roadmap for 2023, the new support hero's background splash actually appears to be taken from a poster of Peru featured in the Antarctic Peninsula map.

It's also worth noting that this poster also sits next to a poster for Somoa, and Mauga is Samoan. There is also the fact that Baptise is a current hero and he used to be partners with Mauga. There is also the fact that Mauga has been teased for years now, so his inclusion would be a long time coming.

Of course, we are putting 2 and 2 together and getting 5. There's nothing concrete to suggest Mauga will definitely be the next Tank hero to join the game, but the signs are looking good for anyone who's been clamoring for the big Samoan for some time.