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OGE back on Twitch after three-day ban

Son “OGE” Min-Seok is back on Twitch after being banned from Twitch for the previous three days following recent controversy with another fellow streamer. This was the player’s first-ever ban on the platform.
OGE back on Twitch after three-day ban

The Los Angeles Gladiators main tank received a three-day ban after linking Flocculency’s Twitch channel to his chat after viewers quizzed the Overwatch League player about who reported him during a previous Overwatch match. OGE’s fans then proceeded to Flocculency’s and left hundreds of transphobic comments in her chat, leading the player to limit the ability of audience members who viewed her stream. After an investigation, Twitch banned OGE on November 21, though some thought it was a mistake on Twitch’s behalf.

OGE, who recently signed with the Los Angeles Gladiators following two seasons with the Dallas Fuel, has history with Flocculency as the two players previously played together during an Overwatch match. Flocculency claims in her report to Twitch that OGE called her a man during their match together, as well as several other transphobic comments. After news of the situation broke, both players deleted their VODs and OGE made an appeal to Twitch regarding the VOD, but the company declined.

Flocculency then later claimed that she didn’t know who reported OGE and the two sorted out the dispute on social media. OGE apologized for his “hate raid” soon after and claimed his comments were misspoken and Flocculency took to Twitter to apologize for any hate or death threats that were sent to OGE.

OGE will look to start a new chapter with the Los Angeles Gladiators following his departure from the Dallas Fuel and his dispute with Flocculency. The league will return for season three on February 8, 2019, with a match between the Toronto Defiant and a newly updated Paris Eternal.