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Overwatch 2 dev build shows up on Battle.net

A beta for the long-awaited Overwatch sequel could be closer than fans had anticipated.
Overwatch 2 dev build shows up on Battle.net

Overwatch 2 might not be a pipe dream for fans of the franchise after all, following the recent addition of a developer-focused client to Battle.net. According to hopeful enthusiasts, this latest update hints at the possibility of a beta release. 

The news broke on 4th February when several users reported an Overwatch 2.0 update being pushed out to the Battle.net developer servers.

While this doesn't necessarily mean fans can expect news regarding Overwatch 2 sometime soon, it adds some validity to rumours circulating days before that an open beta could hit later this February.

When is the Overwatch 2 beta coming out?

According to a rumour circulating several Overwatch-focused subreddits, an Overwatch 2 beta is expected to be announced and will potentially be released at the end of February.

A Twitter user "FireTheGull" explained, "[The] router update for some game services like battle net included an update for overwatch with _demo in it, or something similar."

overwatch 2 beta rumours
The rumour has gained validity following the server update. (Picture: @FireTheGull)

Indeed, this could all be a massive coincidence, and an actual Overwatch 2 beta announcement may happen down the line.

However, it's worth remembering that Blizzard remains committed to its esports partners, namely the owners of all Overwatch League teams, and promised that 2022 would employ a beta client of the sequel.

Beyond this, Blizzard even confirmed April as a starting date for OWL 2022. So, with this date just a few months away, it is possible Blizzard could start pushing updates in the forthcoming weeks.

overwatch 2 beta
Fans are hoping for updates regarding Overwatch 2 soon. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

Some pros have already had hands-on time with the sequel, with an exhibition match played during last year's Overwatch League grand finals.

However, gameplay for the sequel has been nonexistent since then, causing a bit of unconformity within several teams. Followingly, these teams are now being forced to build rosters and practice without getting the actual game they'll be playing in April.

Only time will tell if an Overwatch 2 beta is on the horizon, and fans remain hopeful that the rumours will lead to a happy ending, not another sad disappointment. 

Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.