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Overwatch League caster Hexagrams takes break after derailed broadcast

Robert Hexagrams Kirkbride will be back next week for the Overwatch League North American matches.

On 15th August, during an Overwatch League broadcast of some Asia-Pacific (APAC) matches, it looked like caster Robert "Hexagrams" Kirkbride reached his breaking point. The Overwatch League caster looked beside himself, derailing the stream and acting erratically. Now, Hexagrams has revealed he is taking a short break, and getting some much-deserved rest.


Overwatch League caster Hexagrams takes a break

Hexagrams disputed the notion he was drunk recently, as some might have assumed. Instead, it was due to burnout, his duties, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown which just got to him.

With sleep deprivation and having to take a sleeping pill, then get up at 01:00 to work getting to Hexagrams (really, who can blame him?), the Overwatch League caster has revealed he would be taking a short break.




Hexagrams continued to explain how he heard a rumour people are digging up old dirt through his Reddit account as well, jokingly mentioning the 2014 Philadelphia Eagles.

Overwatch League caster Hexagrams broadcast
(Picture: Overwatch League)


Hopefully, we will see Hexagrams back in action, refreshed from his short break. Hexagrams will be back to casting Overwatch League with the North American matches next week.


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