Overwatch League pro player OGE banned from Twitch after streamer dispute

Overwatch pro Min-seok “OGE” Son has been banned on Twitch following a dispute with a partnered streamer.
Overwatch League pro player OGE banned from Twitch after streamer dispute

The former Overwatch Dallas Fuel player, who recently signed with the Los Angeles Gladiators, is believed to have been banned on the platform following an incident with streamer Flocculency – whereby OGE, while streaming, made a comment towards her which was initially interpreted as transphobic.  

Flocculency posted a series of now-deleted tweets which called out the comments, only to later explain how they had both resolved the issue privately. The remark was apparently misinterpreted due to the language barrier between them.  

OGE also accidentally spurred a ‘hate raid’ on Flocculency’s channel after linking to her chat during his stream. She later clarified how, after speaking with OGE, he ‘didn’t know many of the words his chat were using’ and they came to his channel due to a host from another streamer.  

Posting on Twitter, Flocculency wrote: “Sorry for anyone who sent hate and especially death threats to @OGE_ow. He didn’t know many of the words his chat were using or that posting the link to my chat would incite a raid like that.  

“He absolutely didn’t mean it after talking to him and I forgive him completely.” 

Despite the apology from both sides on 18 November, Twitch later banned OGE’s account on 21 November, with the pro player irritated his VOD couldn’t be recovered.  

Following the ban, Flocculency tweeted how it was potentially the actions of her followers which caused the ban, explaining how she plans to communicate with Twitch to try and rectify the issue.  

“While I can not control what Twitch does I will write them and explain that the situation was resolved privately,” Flocculency wrote. “I do hope this helps the situation be overturned a bit faster for OGE so we can both learn from this and move on with our lives.” 

It’s unclear how long OGE’s ban will be in place for.