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Why Did Overwatch 1 Shut Down?

Overwatch 1 servers were shut off on 3rd October 2022. Here's why Activision pulled the plug on its acclaimed multiplayer FPS.
Why Did Overwatch 1 Shut Down?

The critically acclaimed and beloved multiplayer hero shooter Overwatch, which also won the GOTY at The Game Awards 2016, was shut down on 3rd October 2022. 

With over 10+ million players in six years, it's safe to say that Overwatch was one of the most successful FPS multiplayer experiences on the market.

So why did Activision Blizzard decide to pull the triggers on Overwatch's servers?  How is the Overwatch community reacting to this news? And most importantly, what does it mean for the future of Overwatch?

Overwatch 2 is replacing Overwatch 1

Overwatch 1 shut down so that Overwatch 2 could replace it. (Picture: Activision)

Simply put, Overwatch 1 shut down so that Overwatch 2 could live. Overwatch 2 replaces Overwatch 1 with a new free-to-play live service model. Instead of being a 6v6 experience, Overwatch 2 is a 5v5 PvP game experience.

Overwatch 2 adapts the modern free-to-play live service model, featuring seasonal battle passes, limited-time events, and more. Unlike the original, the game won't feature loot boxes. Instead, players can purchase anything they want from the item store with Overwatch Coins (Overwatch 2's in-game currency.)

Overwatch 2 goes live on 4th October 2022 at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET.

Will Overwatch 1 progress carry over to Overwatch 2?

overwatch 2 cross progress
Players' Overwatch 1 progress including purchased in-game cosmetics will carry over to Overwatch 2. (Picture: Activision Blizzard)

Thankfully, Overwatch 1 progress will carry over to Overwatch 2. This includes the in-game cosmetics that players may have purchased in Overwatch. 
To do this, players will have to merge their existing Overwatch accounts with their battle.net accounts. Players will need a battle.net account to play Overwatch 2 and store all of their data in it. 
If someone wants to play Overwatch 2 on a different platform, they can do so by simply linking their console account with their blizzard.net account.

How is the Overwatch community reacting to the death of Overwatch 1?

As expected, the Overwatch community is a bit sentimental over Overwatch 1's untimely demise. While some are excited to transition to Overwatch 2 and see their friends "on the other side," some are overwhelmed by the idea of their beloved hero-shooter going away.

Many Overwatch fans took to social media platforms like Twitter to share their favorite Overwatch fan art or share their favorite Overwatch memories.


Many fans hopped on to Overwatch one last time before the servers went down to bid farewell to their friends they had met through the game. 

Overwatch 2 is aiming to be the definitive Overwatch experience by dismantling the first game and evolving its core pillars. While it's too early to comment on whether this bold and risky maneuver was the right decision, thankfully, Overwatch fans won't have to wait much longer to find out. 

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Featured image courtesy of Activision Blizzard.