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How to Use the DOTS Projector In Phasmophobia

Wondering how to use the D.O.T.S Projector in Phasmophobia to gather more evidence of Ghosts? Let's go over that now.
How to Use the DOTS Projector In Phasmophobia

In the horror game Phasmophobia, players take on the role of ghost hunters attempting to find evidence of Ghosts. You are equipped with various tools to help you find Ghosts, interact with them, and gather tangible evidence of their presence. The D.O.T.S Projector is one of the starter tools you can use to help you detect and protect yourself from Ghosts.

As we mentioned, the D.O.T.S Projector is a critical starter tool in Phasmophobia if you want to gather evidence of these phantasms. Let's go over what the D.O.T.S Projector is, as well as how to use it.

April 26 2023 - We've checked for any changes to the DOTS Projector in Phasmophobia.

What Is The DOTS Projector In Phasmophobia?

ghosts phasmophobia dots projector identify
The DOTS Projector can be used to identify and locate Ghosts in Phasmophobia. (Picture: Kinetic Games)

The D.O.T.S Projector is a tool that you can use to identify the location and identity of Ghosts in a room. Using the D.O.T.S Projector is critical as you seek to gain evidence of Ghosts in Phasmophobia, so it's a good idea to learn how to use it if you want to perform well.

The D.O.T.S Projector costs $65, and you can carry two Projectors with you in each match. Because your resources are rather limited, you should use them as wisely as possible.

How To Use DOTS Projector In Phasmophobia

dots projector phasmophobia ghosts how to use evidence
The D.O.T.S Projector is simple to activate and use. (Picture: Kinetic Games)

Using the D.O.T.S Projector in Phasmophobia is simple. In fact, activating the tool only requires you to follow three simple steps.

  1. Equip the D.O.T.S Projector.
  2. Face a hard surface like a wall, door, floor, or another flat surface.
  3. Press 'F.'

The D.O.T.S Projector should then immediately begin working. You will know that it is working as it emits a bright green light within a certain radius.

Once the Projector begins emitting this green light, you will be able to see the silhouettes of any Ghosts that pass by, though you'll only see them for a quick second. Keeping an eye on the D.O.T.S Projector consistently is key to identifying all the Ghosts you come across since they will appear and disappear so quickly.

Note that you can view the D.O.T.S Projector - and the spirits it reveals - on any video monitors you may have put up, meaning you can also easily monitor your Projectors from a distance.

That is all the information you need to know about what the D.O.T.S Projector tool is in Phasmophobia, as well as how you can use it in your matches to identify and locate Ghosts. This tool is a pretty critical one, so we hope that our guide has helped you improve your gameplay.

Phasmophobia DOTS Projector Updates

While the DOTS Projector has remained the same for a while now, Kinetic Games is making some changes to the tool in the upcoming v0.9 update. In fact, they have "completely rebuilt" the tool, adding three tiers of Equipment Upgrades and allowing players to actually see the ghost through the projector.

Here's a look at the new equipment tiers, from Kinetic Games:

  • Tier I is like the real-life equivalent of a D.O.T.S. projector; a Laser Grid Pen. Similar to a flashlight, you can walk around the location and scan quickly for evidence, the only downside being its short range and low light intensity.
  • Tier II is how you know D.O.T.S. today, a placeable projector emitting an average-sized sphere of light, except now you can encourage the ghost to walk into it by standing nearby!
  • Tier III cranks up the light to the maximum, again placeable, this Projector scans the room at a much longer range with a wide beam of light, making finding ghosts in those bigger rooms much easier.

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Featured image courtesy of Kinetic Games.