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Phasmophobia Ghost Movement Speeds: How Fast Is Each Ghost?

If you're wondering how fast every Ghost is in Phasmophobia, here is your guide to Ghost movement speeds.
Phasmophobia Ghost Movement Speeds: How Fast Is Each Ghost?

Ghosts in Phasmophobia differ in lots of different ways; each type of Ghost has its own evidence that defines who they are. One way to tell which type of Ghost you're working with during an investigation is to take a close look at their movement speeds. But what is the average movement speed in Phasmophobia, and how can you determine a Ghost's identity from their speed? In this guide, we'll go over every Ghost's speed in Phasmophobia and the reasons why each individual Ghost's speed might fluctuate. 

April 17 2023 - We've checked for any changes to the ghost movement speeds in Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia Base Ghost Movement Speed

ghost base movement speed phasmophobia
Most Ghosts move at the same movement rate in Phasmophobia. (Picture: Kinetic GameS)

The base Ghost movement speed in Phasmophobia is 1.6 m/s. Most Ghosts will move at 1.6 m/s under average conditions, and only a few Ghosts ever deter from this exact speed.

Phasmophobia Other Ghosts' Movement Speed

While most Ghosts move at the base movement speed of 1.6 m/s, a total of eight Ghosts move at different movement speeds under certain conditions. By looking at their movement speeds, you can determine what type of Ghost you're going against.

Here are all of the Ghosts with movement speeds other than 1.6m/s:

  • Deogen - Moves up to 3 m/s when far from the player. Slows down to a speed of 0.4 m/swhen close to the player, making the Deogen one of the slowest possible Ghosts in the game under this condition.
  • Hantu - Speed increases up to 2.7 m/s depending on how low the temperature is. Slows down to a speed of as slow as 1.4 m/s in warm areas.
  • Jinn - Moves at 2.5 m/s while the player is far from the Ghost and the generator is actively running.
  • Moroi - Speed increases up to 2.5 m/s depending on the player's Sanity, with higher Sanity levels meaning faster speeds. The Moroi is one of the fastest Ghosts in the game if they actually manage to see a human, dashing up to you at a rate of up to 3.9 m/s!
  • Raiju - Speed increases to 2.5 m/s when in the range of certain actively running electronics.
  • Revenant - Speeds up to a rate of 3 m/s when able to see the player.  Slows down to an incredibly slow rate of 1.1 m/s when the player is hiding.
  • Thaye - Starts at a rapid speed of 2.75 m/s. Speed decreases the longer the Ghost stays in a certain room, down to a low of 1 m/s.
  • The Twins - Each Twin has a different base speed, making this Ghost a bit confusing to go against. One Twin is faster than the base speed by 10%, while the other is slower by 10%. You might get varying reads on the Twins for this reason.
ghost phasmophobia type movement
Depending on the type of Ghost, their movement speed might change under certain conditions. (Picture: Kinetic Games)