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Phasmophobia Halloween Event 2023: All Recipe Note Locations

Here's the location of every recipe note during Phasmophobia's 2023 Halloween event.
Phasmophobia Halloween Event 2023: All Recipe Note Locations
Kinetic Games

During Phasmophobia's 2023 Halloween event, you'll need to collect nine recipe notes scattered around the game's nine maps. All of the game's maps will be unlocked, even for new players, in order to enable them to complete the Halloween event and collect all of the necessary notes before the event is over.

As you look around Phasmophobia's maps, you'll need to be vigilant if you want to find the recipe notes. To help you out, here's all of the recipe note locations during Phasmophobia's Halloween 2023 event.

Phasmophobia Halloween 2023 Recipe Note Locations

phasmophobia halloween
There are nine hidden recipe notes on Phasmophobia's maps. (Picture: Kinetic Games)

Each of these nine Phasmophobia maps contains a recipe note hidden within a pumpkin. Here's where to find them:

6 Tanglewood Drive

Despite being the game's easiest map, the recipe note on Tanglewood Drive is not the easiest to find. Go to the kitchen and look for a bench; you should see a pumpkin underneath.

42 Edgefield Road

Upstairs, take the first left and enter the last room in that hallway.  This room contains the pumpkin and ingredient.

Grafton Farmhouse

Grafton Farmhouse's pumpkin is hidden in the backyard, amongst a pumpkin patch. The pumpkin you need to interact with has glowing eyes, so it is not difficult to spot.

10 Ridgeview Court

In 10 Ridgeview Court, you'll find the recipe note in the basement on the shelves. It's toward the bottom.


In the prison, find the Central Control Unit, look on the desk, and interact with the pumpkin. 

Bleasdale Farmhouse

Bleasdale Farmhouse's recipe note is one of the more difficult to find, since you'll actually need to go inside. Head in the building and up the stairs, then up another set of stairs. You'll be in the Cellar Room, where you'll find a pumpkin. Interact with it to get the recipe note.

13 Willow Street

13 Willow Street's recipe note is at the beginning of the level. Just go by the mailbox to the bushes, and find the pumpkin.

Camp Woodwind

Camp Woodwind's recipe note will take you very little time to grab since it's at the start of the level, just like 13 Willow Street. Just take a look at the left gate on your way out of the van.

Maple Lodge Campsite

This location might be the most obvious of them all. Find the cauldron with a green bubbling liquid inside, and then turn to the pumpkin on the log next to it. Interacting with the pumpkin will give you the recipe note from the campsite.