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How To Get All Hidden Achievements In Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia has six hidden achievements, and some are pretty challenging.
How To Get All Hidden Achievements In Phasmophobia
Picture: Kinetic Games / GINX

If you're an achievement hunter playing the ghost-hunting game Phasmophobia, you'll want to know what the game's hidden achievements are and exactly how you can approach getting them. 54 new achievements were added; players can see 48 of them, but 6 are hidden.

Some of these achievements require you to put forth some effort, while others will naturally happen as you gain experience and spend more time in the game. We'll walk you through all of Phasmophobia's hidden achievements, and some tips for getting each one.

Phasmophobia Hidden Achievements List

Phasmophobia has 6 hidden achievements:

  1. Work Experience – Complete your first contract
  2. Doom Slayed – Get killed by a Demon ability within the first minute
  3. Escape Artist – Escape a Revenant
  4. The Bait – Get killed by a Banshee in multiplayer
  5. They’re here – WIthness a Poltergeist ability
  6. Flawless Execution – Complete a Perfect Investigation

Phasmophobia Hidden Achievements Explained

Work Experience

  • Description: Complete your first contract.

Work Experience is the easiest Phasmophobia achievement to get. To earn this achievement, you'll have to complete just one contract - whether you identify the ghost correctly or not, you'll just have to get out alive.

Doom Slayed

  • Description: Get killed by a Demon ability within the first minute.

The best way to get this achievement is to play on harder difficulties, on small maps (since it's easier for the ghost to find you). You'll have to hope for an aggressive Demon - but you can always run immediately into the house and taunt the ghost with your tools to encourage them to come out. That said, it's best to use minimal equipment if you're actively trying for this achievement since you'll lose it on death.

Escape Artist 

  • Description: Escape a Revenant.

Similar to the Doom Slayed achievement, Escape Artist relies entirely on the ghost you end up with, so you'll have to wait until you run into that specific ghost type. Essentially, when trying for this achievement, you'll just want to make entirely sure that you stay alive next time you're in an interaction with a Revenant. You may need to loop this ghost around tables and find a safe hiding spot to get the achievement.

The Bait

  • Description: Get killed by a Banshee in multiplayer

When trying to earn this achievement, you'll want to make sure you taunt a Banshee if you end up in a match with one when in multiplayer. This can encourage the ghost to hunt and kill you. If you want teammates to stay safe, tell them to stay in the van while you go inside. Keep in mind you'll lose all of your equipment if you die, and may lose some money.

They’re here 

  • Description: Witness a Poltergeist ability

They're Here requires you to witness a Poltergeist use its ability. This relies entirely on what ghost you end up with, and it's not something you can really encourage to happen. You'll just need to go into a match, and hope you end up with a Poltergeist; they'll use their ability quite frequently if you end up with this ghost.

Flawless Execution

  • Description: Complete a Perfect Investigation.

Flawless Execution is the hardest achievement to get in Phasmophobia. To earn it, you'll have to complete a Perfect Investigation. A Perfect Investigation entails:

  • Correctly identifying the ghost
  • Completing all three optional objectives
  • Filling all the photo slots in the van
  • Earning the maximum amount of money
phasmophobia hidden achievements
Phasmophobia's hidden achievements require ghost interactions. (Picture: Kinetic Games)

Will Phasmophobia Add More Achievements?

The Phasophobia developers have confirmed that they will add more achievements in future updates. The November 13 patch notes stated:

“Added the first wave of Steam Achievements! Check out the Achievements section on Steam to see how to earn them. More achievements will be added in future updates.”