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Phasmophobia: How To Identify A Mare

Here's how to identify a Mare based on evidence in Phasmophobia.
Phasmophobia: How To Identify A Mare
(Picture: Kinetic Games)

Each one of Phasmophobia's Ghost types displays some unique behaviors, as well as leaves behind three types of evidence that make them distinct. One of those Ghost types is known as a Mare, who thrives in the darkness.

So how do you know whether you're dealing with a Mare or another type of Ghost? Here's how to identify a Mare Ghost in Phasmophobia based on their behavior and evidence.

Mare Powers And Personality in Phasmophobia

phasmophobia mare
Mares thrive in darkness. (Picture: Kinetic Games)

Mares are creatures of the darkness, so they have a higher likelihood of attacking in the dark. However, while they find strength in darkness, this also means they have light as a natural weakness. If you turn the lights on around a Mare, they'll have a lower chance of attacking you while you're in that area.

Phasmophobia Mare Evidence

Every Ghost in Phasmophobia has a set of three types of evidence unique to their Ghost type. If you check off all three pieces of this evidence, you can almost guarantee that your Ghost is, in fact, a Mare.

Here's the three pieces of Mare evidence:

Spirit Box 

Mares will respond to a player when asked questions through the Spirit Box. Note that you might not get a response the first time you speak through the Spirit Box - and sometimes it can take many tries - so don't assume that you don't have a Spirit Box Ghost just because they didn't respond to your first question. Keep trying, and only give up if you're certain that the Ghost couldn't have Spirit Box evidence.

Ghost Orb

Ghost Orbs will appear near Ghosts who have them as a type of evidence, such as the Mare. Keep a look out for these Orbs on Cameras and Video Camera streams from the van; it's a lot easier to do so if you have one player walking around the map with a Head-Mounted Camera while another player watches from the van.

Ghost Writing

To get Ghost Writing evidence from a Mare or any other Ghost who has this evidence type, you'll just need to place the Ghost Writing book in the same room as the Ghost and wait for them to write inside. You can't simply ask a Ghost to write in the book, as they'll never follow your command to do so, but you can always coax activity out of the Ghost to increase their likelihood of writing in the book.

For a Mare, you can increase Ghost activity by keeping the lights off, but this is definitely risky since this also increases the Mare's chance to Hunt. To keep yourself safe, keep a Crucifix on hand and prepare for the worst... just in case.

Note that the Mare shares each individual piece of evidence with lots of other Ghosts (for example, many other Ghosts have Ghost Writing evidence), so it's important to check off all pieces of evidence to be really sure you're dealing with a Mare.

Now you know how to identify a Mare in Phasmophobia. While this Ghost type might reignite your childhood fear of darkness, hopefully, our guide can help you identify the Ghost so you don't have to stick around the map for too long.