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Phasmophobia Insanity Difficulty, Explained

Phasmophobia added a new mode called Insanity Difficulty. Here's what you can expect when playing it.
Phasmophobia Insanity Difficulty, Explained

A lot of changes came to Phasmophobia in the v. update, including a new Challenge mode, a Cursed Possession called the Monkey Paw, and changes to the game's difficulties. The update also introduced a new Insanity Difficulty mode, which is, as its name implies, insane! Phasmophobia's Insanity Difficulty is by far the hardest challenge in the game yet, and there are a whole lot of things that differ from the Nightmare mode.

In this article, we'll take a deeper look at Phasmophobia's new Insanity Difficulty and what you can expect when playing it.

Phasmophobia Insanity Difficulty

phasmophobia insanity difficulty
Phasmophobia's new Insanity Difficulty includes a variety of match parameters that will make ghost-hunting adventures significantly more challenging even for the most experienced players. (Picture: Kinetic Games)

Phasmophobia's Insanity difficulty is the game's hardest mode and was introduced in the v. update. In the Insanity difficulty, it will not only be extremely challenging to identify the ghost's identity, but hunts will also be intense and hard to escape.

When you open up the difficulty mode in-game, the description reads: "Feeling brave? These ghosts don't mess around..." This little note from developers encourages players to think twice before selecting Insanity Difficulty since it's definitely not for those who are still new to their ghost-hunting careers.

Phasmophobia Insanity Difficulty Parameters And Rewards

Here's what the parameters are in a Phasmophobia Insanity Difficulty match:

  • Ghosts will hide two types of evidence (such as Ghost Writing, Ghost Orbs, etc)
  • No Cursed Possessions
  • The ghost's room will change more often
  • No setup time
  • Short hunt grace period
  • Long hunt duration and kills increase duration
  • Sanity pills restore much less sanity
  • Fuse box starts off
  • Almost no hiding places

Players will receive a 6x reward multiplier when playing on Insanity Difficulty.

Considering Insanity Difficulty is designed for veteran players who know what they're doing, we recommend only trying out this mode if you have a lot of experience playing Phasmophobia, as it's pretty risky otherwise. If you're interested in trying out some of the parameters included in the Insanity Difficulty - like the lack of Cursed Possessions - without committing to the challenge and risks of the difficulty mode, you can always set up a Custom Match with any parameters you like.

That's all you need to know about Phasmophobia's new Insanity difficulty, including what you can expect when you load into your first Insanity Difficulty match. Good luck out there, ghost hunters!