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When Is Phasmophobia's Next Update Coming Out?

When is the next major Phasmophobia update coming out? Here's what we know.
When Is Phasmophobia's Next Update Coming Out?
Kinetic Games

The horror game Phasmophobia took Twitch and the internet by storm after the game's release in 2020, and its player base has only increased since then. As more and more people hop on Phasmophobia to try it for the first time while other players log in for their thousandth game, developers are still regularly updating the game for all to enjoy. Here's everything we know about the next update for the game, coming later this year (2024).

20 March 2024 - Page updated and checked for the latest news, leaks and rumors.

Latest Phasmophobia Update News

Just below we will  keep you updated on the latest news relating to future updates for Phasmophobia:

22 February 2024 - Ascension Shop Overhaul

Phasmophobia has released a new update for the game which includes the long-awaited shop rework "boasting a new, easier way to manage your gear" and more tweaks to the game on top.

There are also plenty of added accessibility options which is a nice touch. You can read the official patch notes by following the link.

17 February 2024 - New Update Coming NEXT WEEK

If all goes well, the highly requested Shop Update is planned to be released sometime next week. Here's what we know about the update, thanks to a recent blogpost:

"It features a brand new design for the Shop and Equipment pages, with simplicity in mind. And a new Loadout page for getting into your games as quickly as possible.

We've taken in loads of feedback from the community and our beta team to make sure this is the best shop it can be, for all players, each page even has a short tutorial to help you out if you get lost!

For controller players, you'll be able to use buttons on your controller to quickly buy, sell and do other functions without having to move your cursor around the whole screen.

Alongside the new shop comes the ability to change player colours (for the sticky notes on the main menu/contract board, at the top of the shop and on the sanity screen), as well as customisation for your cursor during gameplay. You'll be able to pick which icon you want, the colour, size, transparency level and how it changes while you're highlighting something interactive. The new highlight options are also available for VR players! If you like how the cursor is currently in Live, you can easily recreate that too!"

Phasmophobia Shop Updates February 2024
The Phasmophobia shop is getting a huge refresh next week.
31 January 2024 - New Hotfix Out

There's a new hotfix out that adjusts Smudge Sticks and the Onryo, but there's still no word on the next major update for the game.

17 January 2024 - New Work In Progress Features Announced For Next Update

In a new blog post on Steam, Phasmophobia's dev team have announced a variety of adjustments they're considering for the next game update.

"Since the Ascension Update, we've had plenty of feedback on how the game currently feels for players," the team told fans. "We wanted to share our thoughts on how we're planning to adjust the game to make sure progression and other areas are the best they can be for all types of players."

"We'd love to hear your feedback on these proposed changes and get the ball rolling! We'll be looking to make the following changes, with additions, straight after the upcoming Shop rework!"

Here's a look at the ideas that were laid out.


Leveling rates are currently too slow

  • We originally made the levelling rate slightly slower so that we could increase the pace if need be, so we'll be doing exactly that; less required XP per level across the board

Equipment Tier unlocks are too linear and too slow

  • Alongside the progression rate changes above, we're going to change Tier unlocks so that multiple are unlocked at once instead of only one. This means you'll have more choice on which Equipment you want to upgrade first, and which you want to save for later
  • We'll also be increasing the cost of some upgrades as at the moment players can unlock almost everything straight away, when some upgrades should be something you save up for


Prestiges are a completely optional part of Progression, however, we understand that there aren't many incentives right now to encourage players to prestige:

  • With new player models we will be adding unique Prestige-related unlocks for players to purchase with in-game $, such as accessories for your player model or a cool new jacket!
    Coming soon for each prestige, players will be able to choose one of the following:
    • A sum of extra starting money to kickstart their equipment loadouts or to save for their first few upgrades
    • Or a small XP boost for that prestige only, allowing players to level up slightly faster, but have to manage their money better.


Evidence Equipment


  • T1 is slightly too hard to use, so we'll be making it brighter and increasing the range of the light it emits

EMF Reader

  • T1's needle often gets too close or even goes past the [5] mark during events and hunts, so we'll be clamping that pesky needle a little harder to make sure people aren't mistaking it for evidence
  • T3 will receive a new sound for an EMF5 reading, making it easier for evidence without having to pick it up
  • Additionally, we'll be changing where the T3's sensor reads from for PC players. This will make the directional indicator more accurate and feel more intuitive to read


  • T1 never had its randomness to the readings, making it much more accurate than the other tiers. We'll be implementing a slight fluctuation on readings to reduce it's effectiveness
  • T2 and T3 will be adjusted so that after the initial "hold to scan", continuing to hold the use button will keep refreshing the temperature reading every second or so
  • T3 will have its randomness reduced further to make it even better than T2


  • We'll be flipping T1 and T2 around so that players start with the flashlight and unlock the glowstick second. This should feel more like a useful progression than it currently is


Firelights & Igniters

  • We'll be increasing the duration and light range for all tiers, giving players new ways to walk around in dark areas

Head Gear

  • We'll be adding an additional keybinding for toggling on and off your Head Gear slot, as many players have expressed that the current method isn't ideal
  • All three tiers of Head Gear will have a new sound play when being interfered with by the ghost to let players know they should turn it off during hunts!
  • T3's night vision doesn't currently have any paranormal interference, so we'll be adding some of that to reduce its effectiveness during hunts and keep it on par with other equipment

Motion Sensor

  • T3's truck map indicator will be changed to be more accurate and show what it's detecting clearer

Parabolic Microphone

  • To aid hearing-impaired users, we'll be making the red LED light on the side of the T1 Paramic "flash" when it picks up sounds

Photo camera

  • T2 will receive a slight buff to photo-taking speed
  • We'll be fixing (for the final time) the oversight of taking the ghost photo with a full book. Pesky haunted cameras!
  • There are still some bugs with photos, but with the major photo overhaul coming soon, a lot of that will be fixed as a byproduct. However, we're still looking at increasing the consistency of photo-taking!
  • More benefits of upgrading the camera Tiers will come with the new system, including the removal of failed photos!

Sanity Medication

  • We'll be speeding up the Sanity restoration effect for T2 to make the upgrade more worthwhile

Sound Sensor

  • We'd like to add a mute button to each sensor in the Truck, so you can concentrate on watching DOTS on the monitor in safety and silence



Monkey Paw

  • With the most recent change to the Paw affecting the "see ghost" wish, we're going to make the darkness effect start when the hunt starts, so you can actually see the ghost during the event!


Some parts of Training aren't accurate to gameplay or are frustrating, so we'll be making the following adjustments:

  • We'll replace the DOTS section with something more accurate to how ghosts act in-game
  • Lower the overall temperature in the warehouse to make the Freezing Temps section less frustrating, as well as add cold breath to relevant areas.
  • The EMF section should require EMF5 to progress instead of any EMF.
  • The Ghost Orbs section sometimes completes without the player knowing why, so we'll be increasing the time that you need to aim the camera at the orb before the door unlocks.


3 January 2024 - New 2024 Roadmap revealed

And you can read all about it on our official Phasmophobia Roadmap guide to 2024.

Phasmophobia 2024 roadmap update
The complete roadmap for Phasmophobia's 2024 updates
17 October 2023 - Console Release Delayed

Fans of Kinetic Games' Phasmophobia will be disappointed to hear that the game's highly-anticipated console release, once planned for August 2023, has been delayed yet again.

In Phasmophobia's Development Preview 15, the team mentioned that they've "encountered unforeseen challenges in adapting the game for consoles." They also noted the fire that occurred in the Phasmophobia office building back in August, which set back their development at the time.

"These combined factors have affected our development timeline more than we initially anticipated," they explained.

When Is The Next Phasmophobia Update Coming Out?

According to the Phasmophobia 2024 Roadmap released at the start of this year, the first major update is set to launch will be update v0.10. As stated at the start of the year, the developers have not shared any specific timeframes for their upcoming updates. We would imagine the team could follow a similar pattern by releasing a major update towards the end of February 2024. Just as they did with the major progression update, which launched on 27 February 2023.

What New Features Are Coming To Phasmophobia Next?

The upcoming v0.10 update is expected to make the following changes to the game: 

  • New tasks
  • New optionals
  • Reward changes
  • Photo overhaul
  • Video evidence
  • New equipment: sound recorder

In addition to the above, a developer update release on January 17, 2024 also outlined various other changes the team was considering. These changes can be viewed in full on the blog entry further up, or by following this link.

When Is The Next New Map Coming To Phasmophobia?

The 2024 roadmap for Phasmopbia did mention new maps coming to the game. One of these we know by name, as the team revealed the next, long-awaited location for the game, called 'Point Hope Lighthouse'.

However, there is no planned release date for the new map, with the dev teams roadmap simply stating that this update (among a few others such as the console launch) will happy "as soon as they are ready".

It's also worth noting that the roadmap made mention of "other new maps" for 2024, so if we had to guess, we would think that  'Point Hope Lighthouse' will arrive at some point in the first 4 months of 2024, with further map releases later this year.