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Phasmophobia Progression Reset & Badges, Explained

Here's exactly what you can expect to happen when Phasmophobia resets fans' levels in the upcoming progression wipe.
Phasmophobia Progression Reset & Badges, Explained

Phasmophobia is such a great game already that it's easy to forget it's in Early Access, but the game, is, in fact, officially incomplete. This means that it's not uncommon for developers to implement changes like the upcoming progression reset, which can be pretty jarring news for existing players.

Even if you're a little nervous about Phasmophobia's changes, don't worry - we think Phasmophobia's upcoming progression system sounds like a great update, and it will no doubt make the game more accessible for new players! In this article, we'll explain what will happen during Phasmophobia's progression reset, and what you can expect during this update.

April 26 2023 - This article has been updated to reflect the information released in the new Phasmophobia v0.9 development preview!

What Will Happen During Phasmophobia's Progression Reset?

phasmophobia level reset
The Phasmophobia progression wipe will turn players' levels back to one, but they'll receive some special rewards for playing before this major reset. (Picture: Kinetic Games)

When Phasmophobia's progression reset happens, lots of things will occur for players. First, a new progressions system will be in place, so players will begin to be able to level up through this new system! Players will no longer level up every 100xp; instead, every level will require incrementally more XP up to level 100, when you can prestige and start over at level 1 again.

But what happens to your existing progress?

Phasmophobia will save players' current levels in order to give pre-wipe players a special reward for playing so early in the game's development. However, your level will be reset to zero, and all existing players will be awarded with a Prestige 1 status.

Phasmophobia's Progression Reset Badges

phasmophobia badges
Players will be able to select the appearance of their badge in-game. (Picture: Kinetic Games)

The reward will come in the form of badges; badges will have different colors, backgrounds, and accents. Which badge cosmetics you'll able to unlock will be dependent on how high players' levels are before the upcoming update. Your badge showing your level and chosen cosmetics will be displayed on your shoulder.

At the same time, though, players' levels will be set back to level 1 and they will lose all of their equipment in order to implement the new features. While developers have mentioned that they understand players' concerns with losing all of their progress, they say there's no other way for the new progression update to be properly implemented.

That's all we know right now about the Phasmophobia progression wipe and progression update that's coming in the near future. While existing ghost hunters will lose the progress they've made in the game, their progression and efforts will not be in vain, as Kinetic Games will reward them with some special badges to show off to other ghost hunters.