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Why is Phasmophobia Resetting Levels?

Why is Phasmophobia undergoing a level reset? In this article, we'll explain why Phasmophobia is resetting players' levels.
Why is Phasmophobia Resetting Levels?

Phasmophobia is undergoing a progression wipe in an upcoming update pretty soon, meaning that existing players will lose their current progression in order for developers to replace the old system with a shiny new one. But why are levels getting reset in Phasmophobia, and what does that mean for you as an existing player?

You might be worried about the Phasmophobia level reset, especially if you've climbed all the way up to level 100 or even in the 1000s, but don't fret - in this game, knowledge is power. Read on to learn more about why the next Phasmophobia update will end up wiping all of the progress you've earned so far, and what it means for you.

April 17 2023 - Checked for any updates regarding Phasmophobia's level wipe and reset.

Why is Phasmophobia Resetting Levels?

phasmophobia level wipe reset
Phasmophobia will reset players' progress in the near future to allow developers to implement a new system. (Picture: Kinetic Games)

In the next Phasmophobia update, Progression part 1; v9.0 - players' progression will be reset, removing all of the levels they have previously earned and starting them back at square one. But why? Developers say it's to make way for a brand-new progression system that will also allow players to upgrade their ghost-hunting equipment like the Spirit Box and Thermometer.

The new progression system will include features like prestige badges, and will fundamentally change the game's leveling system.

Phasmophobia's New Progression System

phasmophobia leveling system
Phasmophobia's leveling system will undergo an overhaul soon. (Picture: Kinetic Games)

Some players have expressed their frustration with the major changes, but it sounds like developers have no plans to change them. In Kinetic Games' Phasmophobia Development Preview #7, published on Phasmophobia's official Steam page in January 2023, developers explained that there was no way to implement their new leveling system without removing players' existing progress.

"The wipe is needed to make way for the new leveling system, including prestiges, and will fundamentally change how you progress through the game," developers explained in a January 2023 Steam update. "You'll unlock equipment and upgrades in a specific order, and that needs to work from the start. Sadly we cannot translate the new system to the current one, so a reset is the only way to go!"

If you've played Phasmophobia for a while, you might have wondered why a Phasmophobia level reset is just over the horizon. While it might be frustrating to lose your existing progress, this wipe is in place to make room for brand-new features in the game. Phasmophobia is still in Early Access, so it makes sense that Kinetic Games is still experimenting with its leveling systems to find what works best for players.