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All Phasmophobia Mysterious Part Locations For Christmas Event 2023

Here's where to find all the Mysterious Parts in Phasmophobia's Holiday event.
All Phasmophobia Mysterious Part Locations For Christmas Event 2023
(Picture: Kinetic Games)

Phasmophobia's 2023 Holiday event is here, and the gameplay is a little different than last year's; rather than bringing Cookies for the ghost to eat, you'll need to find Snowmen pointing to Mysterious Parts on the Sunny Meadows Map. While this is one of the game's hardest maps, thankfully, you won't need to go anywhere else on top of your visit here to get all of the parts.

Here's where all of the Mysterious Parts are found during Phasmophobia's 2023 Holiday event.

Where To Find Mysterious Parts In Sunny Meadows

To get all three Mysterious Parts, you'll only need to traverse two floors - the first and the basement - of this map. Thankfully, this makes navigating the intimidating Sunny Meadows a little more manageable for players of all skill levels who want to complete the challenge.

In fact, you'll only have to find the courtyard to get your first Mysterious Piece. Once you're there, locate the Snowman, who points at the Mysterious Part on the ground. Pick it up, and you can move along.

phasmophobia first mysterious part winter
The first Mysterious Part is found in the Courtyard. (Picture: Kinetic Games)

For the second Mysterious Part, check the men's bathroom on the first floor. Once again, you'll need to find the snowman; this time, it'll conveniently be holding the Mysterious Part for you to grab. Once you're on your way, you can make your final walk to the basement. 

phasmophobia mysterious part
The second Mysterious Part can be found in the Snowman's hands. (Picture: Kinetic Games)

The basement is home to your final Snowman, but this time, it won't be holding your Mysterious Part. Instead, it'll point to your final location. Head to the Restricted Wing to find the Snowman, then turn around in the direction it's pointing. Follow the trail of blood through the doors to the bloody bathroom and get the Mysterious Part from the bathtub, floating amongst some other items.

snowman mysterious part phasmophobia
The last Snowman tells the player to turn around and follow the bloody trail. (Picture: Kinetic Games)

When Will The Phasmophobia Christmas Event End

The Holiday 2023 event launched 11 December at 11 AM EST. According to Kinetic Games, the event will last "around three weeks." This means the event will likely end on or around the first day of 2024. If you're planning on completing the Phasmophobia Holiday event this year, be sure to grab all of the Mysterious Parts before the event is over!