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Phasmophobia Releases New Plushies As Fans Await Updates

Phasmophobia's new plushies have started an uproar in the game's community as fans await updates.
Phasmophobia Releases New Plushies As Fans Await Updates
(Picture: Kinetic Games)

The popular ghost-hunting horror game Phasmophobia has announced on X/Twitter that new Phasmophobia Makeship plushies are coming, but some fans have simultaneously noted their frustration that there's still no console release in sight and few updates from developers. Many fans of the game are upset that developers are seemingly focusing on creating merchandise rather than finalizing the console release, which fans have been waiting on for around a year.

Phasmophobia shared the plushie announcement in a 28 May Twitter/X post, showing what looks to be a silhouette of a Monkey Paw plush. In the thread, fans shared their frustrations surrounding the update on the plush - and the lack of updates on the game.
"Feels like its been well over a year since anything substantial was added to this game," one Twitter/X user replied in the thread. "We need new maps and new ghost models.... Game's kinda dead at the moment," another user noted.

Phasmophobia's console release was delayed indefinitely after a fire damaged some of the company's assets last year, setting them back a good bit just before the game was slated for its initial console release. However, fans have only heard minimal news about the promised console release since then, leading to some frustration in the community. Some even doubt that the console release will come at all, given the length of the delays.

"Starting to think console edition was abandoned or never even in the works to begin with," one Twitter user suggested following the plushie's announcement on social media. Others made memes joking about the new plushie's creation during such a long period without updates:

It's clear that lots of members of the Phasmophobia community were upset with the announcement of the new plushies, believing that this announcement suggests that Phasmophobia's developers may be focusing on making merchandise rather than improving their game and preparing it for a console release. However, others noted that the plushies' production likely doesn't affect the game's development process.

"I want to defend creators in general by reminding everyone that making a merch item is not something that they work on instead of anything else," a Reddit user pointed out. "Most likely 1 or 2 people from the team sat down for a few hours to discuss the collab with the plushie makers and a few extra hours of legal stuff and sign documents."