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How To Use the Summoning Circle In Phasmophobia

Wondering how to use the Summoning Circle in Phasmophobia to grab a photo of Ghosts? Let's go over how to do so.
How To Use the Summoning Circle In Phasmophobia

The horror game Phasmophobia is known for its horrifying Ghost Hunts, uniquely terrifying environments, and proprietary gameplay mechanics. A great example of one of those unique gameplay mechanics is the Summoning Circle, which gives players a chance to interact with Ghosts outside of Hunts.

Let's go over how to find the Summoning Circles in Phasmophobia, as well as how to use them and what you need to interact properly with one.

April 17 2023 - We've checked for any changes to the Summoning Circle and how best to use it.

What Is The Summoning Circle In Phasmophobia?

summoning circle phasmophobia what is it
The Summoning Circle in Phasmophobia is one of several Cursed Possessions. (Picture: Kinetic Games)

The Summoning Circle is one of six Cursed Possessions in Phasmophobia. One of the six Cursed Possessions will always spawn in each match you start, so there is always a chance that your Cursed Possession will be a Summoning Circle.

Summoning Circles require you to interact with them in order to see any effects, so you'll want to approach one when you're ready to have an encounter with a Ghost.

How To Use the Summoning Circle In Phasmophobia

phasmophobia cursed hunt ghost
Using a Summoning Circle will trigger a Cursed Hunt. (Picture: Kinetic Games)

The first step to using the Summoning Circle in Phasmophobia, of course, is to find it in the first place. The Summoning Circle is quite easy to find, as it is a large symbol drawn on the ground with multiple candles surrounding it. It can be found in large rooms - like living rooms - as well as small ones like bathrooms. Summoning Circles do not usually spawn in hallways, so it's best to venture into rooms if you want to find one.

Once you have found the Summoning Circle, you should approach it with a Lighter. Then, light all five of the candles surrounding the circle. A Lighter is absolutely necessary to interact with a Summoning Circle, as there is no other way to light the candles and summon the Ghost.

Once you've lit all five candles, a Ghost will then appear, standing still for 5 seconds and allowing you the opportunity to snap a quick picture before it will then begins a cursed Hunt on your whole team. 

Cursed Hunts are particularly dangerous, so don't start interacting with a Summoning Circle until you and your team are ready!

That's all you need to know about how to use the Summoning Circle in Phasmophobia. Be sure to check out our other guides for how to use other Cursed Possessions, like Tarot Cards.

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Featured image courtesy of Kinetic Games.