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Phasmophobia Video Camera: How to Set Up, Place and Use

Here's your guide to using the Video Camera to gather evidence in Phasmophobia.
Phasmophobia Video Camera: How to Set Up, Place and Use

With EMF Readers, Thermometers, UV Lights, and even high-tech ghost-hunting equipment like Parabolic Microphones in the Phasmophobia store, the Video Camera is probably one of the most recognizable and simplest items to use from the store.

Still, if you're new to Phasmophobia, you'll need to learn how to setup the Video Camera in Phasmophobia to gather evidence of Ghost Orbs and otherwise visually see ghost interactions from afar. Though the game doesn't explain to you how to place the Video Camera, we're here to help so you don't have to figure it out for yourself.

In this guide, we'll explain in detail how to use the Video Camera in Phasmophobia to gather ghost evidence.

April 17 2023 - We've checked for any changes to Phasmophobia's video cameras, and added a new tip for how to place them!

How To Setup The Video Camera In Phasmophobia

Video cameras can be placed around the map to view Ghost Orbs, which are a type of evidence for many types of ghosts in the game.

To use a Video Camera, you'll first need to add it to your loadout and bring it along with you. You'll then need to grab the Video Camera from the equipment shelf in the van and take it with you to the match. You can bring up to six video cameras with you at any given time. If you want to use a tripod with the Video Camera, you should also go ahead and grab that from the equipment shelf when you're picking up the camera itself.

To set it up in the map, you'll just need to equip the item, press right-click to activate it, and find a place to put it before pressing 'F' to set it down.

How To Turn On The Video Camera In Phasmophobia

Don't forget that you will need to turn on camera before you place it. While carrying the camera, right click or use right triggers on a controller (RT/R2) to turn the camera on so it can start recording. You'll know it's working because the red light on the camera should turn green.

video camera phasmophobia
Video Cameras are the only way to see Ghost Orbs, a form of evidence. (Picture: Kinetic Games)

How To Place The Video Camera In Phasmophobia

Wondering where to set up and place a video camera in Phasmophobia? Your best bet is to locate the ghost room first with the rest of your ghost-hunting team and then set up the video camera there. Equip the video camera and right-click to turn it on. Next, place it on the floor, on a table, or on a tripod and wait.

Once you set up a camera and turn it on, you or your teammates can view the feed from within the van. You can flip through the video feeds by clicking the mouse on the computer in the van, or toggle night mode by pressing the keyboard. If the ghost has Ghost Orbs as evidence, you'll see small orbs of light floating across your screen, but be patient - ghosts often take time to show themselves through Video Cameras.

The best places to put video cameras are generally on tables or other lifted surfaces.

That's all you need to know about how to use the Video Camera in Phasmophobia.