Super Mario 35th anniversary: Mario 64 and other Mario remasters are coming to Switch?

Published on March 30th, 2020
by Nikola Savic

Reports are saying that Nintendo is having big plans for the anniversary.

This September Super Mario Bros. is turning 35, and according to the VGC article, Nintendo has big plans this year to celebrate that.

As claimed by the article, Nintendo will re-release practically all previous Mario games, remastered for Nintendo Switch. Among the "confirmed" games (according to various reports) are Super Mario 64(1997), Super Mario Sunshine(2004) and Super Mario Galaxy(2007).

Besides remastered versions of old Mario games, VGC article also states that we'll see a couple of new Mario games this year, including a new Paper Mario game.

Supposedly, Nintendo planned to reveal all these plans at E3 2020 with a big live event. However, since the event is officially cancelled, they are now looking for a stream-only show where they will present The Super Mario 35th Anniversary.

Mario LEGO set, announced earlier this month, is a part of this anniversary celebration, as well as Super Nintendo World, which is set to open this summer.


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