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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

AVANGAR temporarily leave PUBG, loan 0nuqtive

AVANGAR have announced their departure from competitive PUBG for the foreseeable future.


The announcement came less than a day after Alexey "0nuqtive" Trufanov was sent to UNITY on a loan basis, leaving AVANGAR after almost a year under the organisation and his return isn't guaranteed.


AVANGAR state the departure is temporary as they 'take a fresh look' at their options within the scene and consider a new roster in the future if the time comes.

The team fell short of the top four finish needed to qualify for Phase 3 of the PEL in the Promotion portion of the season and their only win in the last year was in December at the OGN Super League Europe PUBG Invitational. They took the Chicken Dinner on Erangel while only placing 6th and 12th on Sanhok and Miramar respectively.

0nuqtive joins his former AVANGAR teammate on UNITY in the form of Taras "Snoopykx" Bazyazichniy. Snoopykx was moved to the AVANGAR substitution bench in June and was listed for transfer along with the rest of the AVANGAR squad in late July following a decline in the team's performance. He was signed to UNITY earlier this month alongside Andrey "Qw1zzy" Pobedinskiy.

The rest of the now ex-AVANGAR team have also found a new team together.

Joining former CrowCrowd player Dmitrii "Kemba7" Rozhkov, the former AVANGAR trio Artem "t0q" Bygaev, Mikhail "azverin" Naumenko and Maxim "Maxiz0r" Tatarintsev are playing on KataNa Team. They will be once again be playing in PEL-C and could possibly qualify for PEL this upcoming Phase.

While AVANGAR has taken a step back from PUBG, the Kazakh organisaton acquired a Rainbow Six Siege team in April, picking up the Raiders roster. The R6 team has yet to get a chance to shine, only appearing in a handful of European qualifiers and the group stage of the Russia Major League Season 2.