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BGMI Season 20 M2 Royale Pass: Release date, time, rewards and more

With the new season merely a few days away, Krafton has revealed all the details of BGMI Season 20 M2, including its release date and time.
Battlegrounds Mobile India Season 20 M1 is ending this week, meaning the next instalment i.e. M2 is right around the corner. According to the leaked trailer, the upcoming season’s Royale Pass will be based on the Project T theme that will feature several new free and premium rewards. These rewards are further split into 50 tiers, that can be unlocked by completing daily and weekly missions. 

The players’ ranks will also be reset at the beginning of the next season and they will have to grind once again to attain the desired rank. Moreover, one should not forget that the forthcoming season will last for a month instead of two months. Here’s the exact release date and time of the BGMI Season 20 M2.

BGMI Season 20 M2 - release date and time

BGMI Season 20 M2 release date
The BGMI Season 20 M2 banner. (Picture: Krafton)

The Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Season 20 M2 update will be released on 13th August at 7:30 pm (IST). As always, the royale pass section of the game will be locked once the previous season ends. 

As a result, players cannot access the RP section for a couple of hours after the season launches. As soon as Season 20 M2 does begin, then gamers can grind again to bag a number of glorious rewards such as weapon skins, outfits, emotes, vehicle skins, and a lot more. 

BGMI Season 20 M2 Royale Pass - free and premium rewards

BGMI Season 20 m2 royale pass
The BGMI Season 20 M2 Royale Pass will offer up players tonnes of rewards. (Picture: Krafton)

As per the leaks, players will be getting the following free and premium rewards from BGMI Season 20 (M2):

  • Marine Marauder - UZI: Unlock at RP 1

  • Marine Predator Cover: Unlock at RP 5

  • Lapis Barrier Backpack: Unlocks at RP 10

  • Marine Predator Parachute: Unlocks at RP 13

  • Ready emote: Unlock at RP 15

  • Marine Marauder - Airplane: Unlocks at RP 20

  • RP Badge (M2): Unlock at RP 25

  • Marine Predator Grenade and Marine Marauder Emote: Unlocks at RP 30

  • Alien Technology - QBZ: Unlocks at RP 35

  • Marine Marauder - M24: Unlocks at RP 40

  • Marine Marauder Set: Unlock at RP 50

The upcoming BGMI Season 20 M2 Royale Pass can be bought for 360 UC and Elite Pass Plus for 960 UC.


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