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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

CrowCrowd announce new roster

CrowCrowd have picked up an entirely new PUBG roster for the upcoming Phase 3 of PEL.



After a win at the PUBG Nations Cup as part of the team representing Russia, Dmitrii "Kemba7" Rozhko has now been released from CrowCrowd just a day later. His former teammates Vitalii "TheTab" Karkeshkin and Anatoly "SeT i7" Khlevnoy had joined Jokers less than a week ago.

The new CrowCrowd roster contains the Finnish former Team Winstrike players after Winstrike's apparent departure from PEL. After a fourth place result in Phase 1, tenth at the Global Summit and twelfth in Phase 2 were disappointing results after a strong start to the year in a new org.

Olli "Tiikzu" Saarikoski was playing for Team Finland at the Nations Cup, but with only one top four finish, the Finnish squad unfortunately placed 16th, dead last, in the tournament.

CrowCrowd's General Manager, Alexey "Apnumen" Peskov explained the shift from CIS to a Finnish roster in the press release "We couldn't get German national work visas for players. Surprisingly, the League does not provide necessary visa or travel support, although the League is held in Berlin and forces you to be there almost all year round."

With the new roster, CrowCrowd have claimed a spot in the upcoming PEL. PEL Phase 3 will begin 30th August, with the six top spots granting a place at the PUBG Global Championship in November. The new CrowCrowd will once again face domestic competition from ENCE, while PEL-C will be the new home for SeT and TheTab as Jokers try to find success and promotion there.

It is not known where benched Winstrike player Joonas "Jorzki" Permanto will go, as he is not part of the starting CrowCrowd team, with Miska "Mise" Malkamäki as the newcomer to the Finnish core nor has his release been announced yet.