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Fantasy Battle Royale is coming to PUBG

PUBG meets Dungeons and Dragons
Fantasy Battle Royale is coming to PUBG

It's April Fools' Day!

That means that today we can expect a lot of silly things all around the gaming world, from companies to communities. When it comes to PUBG, for this year they decided to add a whole new mode in the game for a week. It's called Fantasy Battle Royale, and it utilizes fantasy elements implemented into Batlle Royale system of PUBG.


Although the mode is intended to be a joke for April Fools' Day, we must say that it's quite elaborated one, because it is a legitimately new way of playing with some exciting new mechanics. Developers are saying that they are using this joke mode actually to test some new mechanics they are developing for a while, like in-game crafting system or new shield.

"A big part of Battle Royale is survival, and we've been curious what crafting on the Battlegrounds might look like. Fantasy BR gave us the perfect opportunity to try out a crafting system, and as such, the vast majority of the loot you'll find in Fantasy BR consists of crafting components used to improve the items you begin with. Utilizing fantasy classes, such as the Paladin, had the added bonus of finally letting us test a certain shield we teased out to you all a little too soon," the announcement says.

Fantasy BR takes place on the Dragon's Isle (Erangel), and you can play as one of four classes: wizards, barbarians, paladins, and rangers, each one with their unique perks. When you complete Fantasy BR exclusive missions, you earn special Fantasy BR mode rewards. You can also buy them, but developer emphasizes that in this time of crisis, they want everyone to be able to earn them just by playing the new game mode.

Fantasy Battle Royale mode does look pretty fun, and it offers some interesting new mechanics to try. To find out more details about this mode, read the official announcement.