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How to watch PUBG Global Championship 2021: All qualified teams, format, venues, prize pool, and more

After a whole year of anticipation, the best 32 teams in the world will reunite in the battlegrounds once again to define a new PUBG World Champion.
How to watch PUBG Global Championship 2021: All qualified teams, format, venues, prize pool, and more

The end of the competitive season for PUBG: Battlegrounds in 2021 seems to be closer than expected, since thanks to Krafton, Inc. we now know the first details of their biggest international summit for this year.

The PUBG Global Championship 2021 will bring the 32 best teams from each regional league and international event into the ultimate stage, after the success of both the PGI.S and two PUBG Continental Series events, so if you want to know more about the finale for this season, here we bring you everything you need to know about the PGC 2021.

PUBG Global Championship 2019 winners Gen G
PUBG Global Championship 2019 winners, Gen.G. (Picture: Krafton, Inc.)

PUBG Global Championship 2021: All qualified teams and seedings

As we mentioned before, the PUBG Global Championship will bring together the 32 best organizations at an international level, according to their performance in each of the four existing competitive regions, with the following spots available for each region:

  • 12 Teams from Asia
  • 8 teams from Europe
  • 6 teams from APAC
  • 6 teams from the Americas

So far, only three teams have managed to lock their presence in the race for the world championship, these being:

  • Asia: Gen.G, and NewHappy
  • APAC: Buriram United Esports
PUBG Global Championship winners trophy
PUBG Global Championship winners' trophy. (Picture: Krafton, Inc.)

As the qualifying events of each region come to an end, new teams will be announced as part of the tournament, either by winning first place in each of these or by getting the most PGC Qualification Points gathered throughout the year once the PUBG Continental Series 5 concludes.

PUBG Global Championship 2021: Format and schedule

As with the PGI.S, the PGC 2021 will be a LAN / Online hybrid tournament, as teams from outside of the tournament region will be invited to play at Paradise City Studio in Incheon, Korea.

Teams representing China, Japan, and APAC will compete online at a LAN venue in each of their respective countries, due to health and safety measurements derived from the COVID pandemic.

PUBG Global Championship 2021 venue
Paradise City Studio in Incheon, Korea. (Picture: Paradise Sega Sammy)

PGC 2021 will consist of a five-week-long tournament, divided into four different stages:

Rank Decision

The first week of the tournament will feature a series of preliminary matches to decide which 16 teams will start in the first Weekly Survival.

All 32 teams will be split into four groups of 8 and will compete to determine their starting placement, playing four matches per team/day in a round-robin format.

The teams that finish in the Top 16 will start in the 1st Weekly Survival, 17th-31st teams will be put on a waitlist for the 1st Weekly Survival, while the last place will be instantly eliminated from Weekly Survival, being placed into the Bottom 16 Stage.

Weekly Survival

In this stage, 16 Weekly Survival matches will be played over three days for three weeks. All teams who manage to get a Chicken Dinner will advance to the Weekly Finals.

Meanwhile, the remaining 15 teams from each lobby will be joined by the next team in line from the Bottom 16 waiting list, with the winners being replaced by the next ranked team from the Rank Decision weekend.

This process will be repeated until 16 different teams have qualified for the Weekly Finals.

PUBG Global Championship banner
(Picture: Krafton, Inc.)

Weekly Finals

Here, a total of 10 matches will be played over two days. The winning team from each Weekly Final (3 teams total) will have a guaranteed spot in the Grand Final

The top 9 teams with the highest points accumulated across all 3 weeks of Weekly Finals will also advance to the Grand Final

The remaining teams that didn’t advance to the Grand Final will participate in the Grand Survival, where teams who win a Chicken Dinner in each of its four matches will fill the remaining Grand Final spots.

Grand Final

The 16 qualified teams will compete in a 15-match tournament over three days, with the final standings based on SUPER Point Rule, using both placement points and kill points.

At the end of all matches, the team with the most points will be declared the winner of the tournament, and the Grand Champion of the PGC 2021.

As for the schedule, it’s been confirmed the tournament is set to be held between November and December, with the unveiled schedule being as follows:

PUBG Global Championship 2021 full schedule
PUBG Global Championship 2021 full schedule. (Picture: Krafton, Inc.)

PUBG Global Championship 2021: Prize pool and how to watch

So far, the prize pool for the event hasn’t been revealed however, Krafton, Inc. has made official the 32 teams will be competing for an initial purse of over $2 Million USD.

This prize pool will be completed with 30% of the profit earned from PGC items sales from the in-game store, so that teams will benefit from the fans’ support.

You can follow all the actions of the PUBG Global Championship 2021, as well as everything around PUBG Esports, on its official Twitch and YouTube channels.

We have embedded its Twitch channel right below, to make it easier for you.

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