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PMGC 2021 League Stage: Schedule, teams, prize pool, and how to watch

The PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021 league stage marks the final phase of the PUBG Mobile esports competition in 2021. Here's everything you need to know about the event, including the schedule, format, prize pool, qualified teams, streams, and more.
PMGC 2021 League Stage: Schedule, teams, prize pool, and how to watch

The competitive PUBG Mobile year is entering an exciting finish as we are approaching the final stage of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship in 2021 - the league stage.

Teams across the globe have been fiercely competing throughout the year in an effort to secure their spot for the penultimate, league stage of PMGC 2021 before the grand finals in January 2022.

Now, twenty of the best teams from both the East and West divisions are entering the league stage with hopes to end up among the top 16 teams that will make their way to the grand finals.

If it sounds exciting, that's because it is, and in this viewer's guide you will find everything you need to know in order to enjoy the very best PUBG Mobile esports in 2021.

PMGC 2021 League Stage schedule

PMGC 2021 League Stage: Schedule, teams, prize pool, and how to watch
16 teams will secure tickets for the Grand Finals. (Picture: Tencent)

The league stage of PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021 is set to kick off on Tuesday, 30th November and it will last until Friday, 19th December.

The league stage finals are scheduled for 22 -24th December, where it will be decided which teams will compete at the grand finals.

PMGC 2021 League Stage format

League and League Finals are split into two regions: East and West

  • League:
    • 20 teams for each region.
    • Top 16 teams from each region advance to their respective League Finals.
  • League Finals:
    • 16 teams for each region.
    • Top 9 teams from East + Top 6 teams from West advance to the Grand Finals

PMGC 2021 League Stage teams

PMGC 2021 League Stage: Schedule, teams, prize pool, and how to watch
This December will be packed with high-quality PUBG Mobile matches. (Picture: Tencent)

There will be a total of 40 teams, 20 teams per region, and  these are the teams that have qualified for the PMGC 2021 League Stage so far: 

PUBG Mobile Global Championship League - East Teams: 

  • FaZe Clan - SEA Championship S4 League 

  • Tong Jia Bao Esports - Peace Elite Championship 

  • Genesis Dogma GIDS - PMPL Indonesia 

  • The Infinity - PMPL Thailand 

  • Team Secret - PMPL MY/SG

  • D’Xavier - PMPL Vietnam 

  • Nigma Galaxy - PMPL Arabia 

  • DRS GAMING - PMPL South Asia 

  • Hidden - Winners of Pro Series S2

  • REJECT - Winners of Japan League S1

  • TBC - SEA Championship S4 Finals x3

  • TBC - MENA & SA Championship x4

  • TBC - PEL Points x2

  • TBC - Winners of Rivals Cup

PUBG Mobile Global Championship League - West Teams:

  • Ghost Gaming - PMPL North America

  • Furious Gaming - PMPL LATAM 

  • A7 eSports - PMPL Brazil 

  • Natus Vincere - PMPL CIS

  • Next Rüya Gaming - PMPL Turkey 

  • Unicorn of Love - PMPL Western Europe 

  • TBC - Americas Championship x7 

  • TBC - European Championship x7

PMGC 2021 League Stage prize pool

PMGC 2021 League Stage: Schedule, teams, prize pool, and how to watch
The total PMGC 2021 prize pool is an extraordinary $6,000,000 USD. (Picture: Tencent)

When the best PUBG Mobile teams from all over the world are competing, that's not just for glory and praise, of course.

With a whopping $1,470,000 USD on the line during the league stage, we are confident that teams will be highly motivated to show off the best of their skills and come out on top.

How to watch PMGC 2021 League Stage: Stream

Krafton and Tencent have partnered with Google to broadcast the PMGC 2021 league stage exclusively on YouTube.

The entire event will be streamed live on the PUBG MOBILE Esports official channel each day starting at 7 pm GMT +8 for PMGC East and 2 am GMT +8 for PMGC West.

In addition, 18 other local channels will also broadcast the event, featuring streams in 18 different languages.

Stay tuned to our dedicated PUBG section for news about the franchise, including PUBG: New State, as well as guides and much more.

Featured image courtesy of Krafton and Tencent.