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PUBG Continental Series 4: How to watch, format, schedule, prize pool and more

PCS4 is offering a whopping $1 million prize pool for the first time.
PUBG Continental Series 4: How to watch, format, schedule, prize pool and more
PUBG Continental series is going to be modernized with the first event of 2021 that is PCS4. The global tournament will now provide three weeks of esports extravaganza with an increased total number of matches and most importantly, an increased prize pool. Additionally, Latin America and North America are now combined together and named as Americas to have a total of four different regions.

Here we have explained the whole PCS4 from format to schedule to how you can watch! Read on to know everything that one would need to know about the upcoming PUBG Continental Series 4.

Regions and the countries included in them

  • Asia - Korea, Japan, China, and Chinese Taipei
  • Asia Pacific - Countries from Southeast Asia and Oceania
  • Europe - Countries from Europe, Middle East, and Africa
  • Americas - Consists of North America and Latin America

Tournament schedule for Asia Pacific and Americas

  • 10-11th June
  • 17-18th June
  • 24-25th June

Tournament sschedule for Asia and Europe

  • 12-13th June
  • 19-20th June
  • 26-27th June

There will be 6 matches each match day to make it a total of 36.

Prize pool

The total prize pool of PCS4 is $1 million which is split equally among the four different regions. Also, as a bonus, 30% of PUBG net sales of PCS4 items will go directly to the participating teams.

PUBG Continental Series 4(Picture: Krafton)

Prize pool breakdown

  • General prize pool ($210,000 in total)
    • Week 1: $70,000
    • Week 2: $70,000
    • Week 3: $70,000
  • Series Winner : extra $20,000
  • Special Prize ( $20,000 in total)
    • Kill leader: $5000 - Player with the highest kills
    • All PCS team: $10,000 - Divided among the best 4 players of the team
    • Insane squad: $5,000 - team with the most impressive moment in the Series

How to watch

All the 36 matches will be live-streamed on PUBG Esports YouTube and Twitch channel. So tune in there if you do not want to miss your favourite team in action.