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PUBG Continental Series 4: Schedule, format, prize pool, and more

The second PUBG major tournament will bring the best teams from each region to battle for glory in May and June 2021.
PUBG Continental Series 4: Schedule, format, prize pool, and more

KRAFTON, Inc., developers of the famous battle royale PUBG, have announced all the details about their next major international competition, the PUBG Continental Series 4 (PCS4), which will bring together the best players from each continent in search of supreme victory.

The PCS4 will consist of four tournaments on a regional scale across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and APAC, which will take place during the months of May and June, and of which you can learn all their details right below.

PUBG Continental Series 4: Format, Schedule and Prize Pool

pubg continental series
(Picture: KRAFTON, Inc)

Open Qualifiers

Each of these regional tournaments will have an Open Qualifying phase, which will be divided into sub-regions to maintain fair play in all games. These tournaments will be held during the course of May.

Depending on how each squad finished, they will receive a certain number of points that will determine which teams will advance in this phase, until only the best 16 teams from each sub-region remain, who will play on the PCS4 Group Stage.

Group Stage and Last Chance Qualifiers

For the Group Stage, each of the teams will face off in several rounds against the others that have qualified from their own sub-region, fighting for a prize pool of $ 25,000 USD and where only six teams from each sub-region will advance to the PCS4 Grand Finals.

pubg continental series format

Prior to the Grand Finals, each region will hold a Last Chance Qualifier, where the top eight teams from each sub-regional Group Stage that didn’t advance, will be combined into a single regional elimination face off for a $ 20,000 USD prize pool and with the best four qualifying to the ultimate stage.

prize pool pubg continental series

Grand Finals

Finally, the PCS4 Grand Finals will feature the top 16 teams from each region playing through three weekends during June.

Each of the PCS4 Grand Finals will take place on these dates:

  • Americas: 10th - 11th June, 17th - 18th June, 24th - 25th June
  • Asia Pacific: 10th - 11th June, 17th - 18th June, 24th - 25th June
  • Europe: 12th - 13th June, 19th - 20th June, 26th - 27th June
  • Asia: 12th - 13th June, 19th - 20th June, 26th - 27th June

All qualified teams to the PCS4 Grand Finals will be able to compete for a prize pool of $ 250,000 USD, distributing a total of $1 million USD among the four regional finals.

Also, depending on the final position of each of the teams, they may receive Qualification Points for the PUBG Global Championship (PGC), which will take place at the end of 2021.

PUBG Continental Series 4: Pick'Em Challenge

pickem challenge pubg continental series

Finally, the return of the Pick'Em Challenge has been confirmed, giving fans the opportunity to win in-game rewards by correctly predicting the results of each regional tournament. In this, viewers will have to vote for the result they think is most likely and will get points for each correct prediction.

Vouchers to participate can be obtained by purchasing PCS4 themed items or by watching the tournament broadcasts. At least 30% of the revenue generated from the sale of PCS4 items will be added to the total prize pool. More details on the Pick'Em Challenge will be shared later.

The PUBG Continental Series 4 will start from 5th May, while you can already register for its Open Qualifiers phase through the tournament website.