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PUBG v11.2 patch notes: Survivor Pass changes, Bridges update, new content, and more

Being a lighter patch than the previous one, this update will bring with it a lot of featured content and changes to iconic Erangel spots.
PUBG v11.2 patch notes: Survivor Pass changes, Bridges update, new content, and more

After a major update released almost a month ago in which new mechanics such as the Emergency Pickup and the comeback of the Paramo map to the game's playlist were introduced, all the details about the new PUBG Patch 11.2 has been revealed.

Unlike everything the previous patch brought us, 11.2 will be more focused on balancing and updating certain points on the map, as well as bringing a renewal to the game's Battle Pass, and a ton of new content for everyone.

PUBG v11.2: Survivor Pass

pubg 11.2|
(Picture: PUBG Corporation)

As was teased during the start of Season 11, from now on the PUBG Survivor Pass will not be linked in time and theme of the current Ranked season, giving better flexibility in terms of the content available through this and its duration.

To start, the theme of this new Survivor Pass will focus on the Pajama Parties, following similar mechanics with missions and many rewards.

This Pass will be available from 28th April to 9th June, through two different item packages within the in-game store, the Weapon Pack which includes “The Big Sleep”, an AUG skin for 990 G-Coin, and the Level Pack which includes both the skin and a Lv. 30 coupon for 3270 G-Coin.

PUBG v11.2: Erangel Island Bridges

After many years since its launch, the iconic bridges between Erangel mainland and Sosnovka Island will receive a visual and gameplay update, bringing structural changes and inclusion of new defendable positions.

pubg bridge
(Picture: PUBG Corporation)

Some of the major changes will come with the addition of catwalks underneath the bridges to help fend off attacks, including those from the water. These catwalks also double as a new avenue of attack to mount an assault on those pesky bridge-campers.

In addition, the bridges will have additional cover and widening allowing more frenetic battles and better positioning either when attacking or defending. Finally, the bridge’s dump truck has also been repositioned.

PUBG v11.2: Gameplay updates

Now it’s the time to check out the changes introduced to various mechanics within the battle royale, in an effort to improve the balance of the game.

Drive-by Shooting

pubg drive by shooting

Due to the impact and high kill effectiveness of firing from vehicles, the in-vehicle recoil will be increased by 10%, to ensure balance and allow for proper counter-play.

This change will not apply to sidearms, and the impact of these changes will continue to be monitored in future patches.

Reputation System

Since its introduction in Patch 10.2, the game's reputation system has helped to level out toxicity within each game thanks to live feedback during and after each game.

pubg ranking system

However, some players have found ways to abuse this, so this system will undergo changes by reducing the amount of reputation loss per match to prevent misuse, as well as reducing the impact of reports made through the replays system.

To fix the impact that negative reports may have caused, this patch will increase the potential number of reputation points available for player’s with reputation level 1 or below, and also for those at reputation level 4.

Match History & Match Report

Being one of the features introduced in 11.1, the game statistics history will receive improvements to both the Match History and Match Report screens for better visibility.

PUBG v11.2: New content

To conclude the Patch 11.2 review, we will take a look at all the content that will be released over the next month.

Animated PUBG ID Nameplates

pubg animated
(Picture: PUBG)

Sheepover G-Coin Value Pack


Labor Day Sets

labor day pubg

The Greatest Show on Erangel!

greatest show on erangel

You can check out more about bug fixes and detailed changes through the patch notes on PUBG’s website.

Patch 11.2 will be available from 28th April, while you can already test part of what will come in it through the Test Server.