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PUBG Global Series cancelled - Replaced with online PUBG Continental Series

The PUBG Continental Series will replace the Global Series, and participants of the global series will be rewarded for their efforts so far
PUBG Global Series cancelled - Replaced with online PUBG Continental Series

PUBG Corp. has cancelled the PUBG Global Series events due to, you guessed it, COVID-19 concerns. In its place comes the PUBG Continental Series, which will be played entirely online. 

In May, June, and August, the PUBG Continental Series will take place with online events for four regions. A total of ,400,000 will be rewarded across all events.

PUBG Corp. explained their decision to cancel the Global Series, and replace it with the Continental Series:

"Since February 2020, when the decision was made to indefinitely postpone the first chapter of PGS 2020, PGS Berlin, we’ve worked to find a solution that’s healthy and safe for fans, staff, and players around the world.

The first conclusion: it is difficult to host live tournament events due to COVID-19 concerns, and we therefore must cancel the three PGS events including the Berlin stop.

The next point of agreement is that the teams and players who’ve participated in the 2020 campaign so far deserve recognition and compensation for their competitive spirit."

The regions for the PUBG Continental Series include:

  • Asia – which consists of Korea, Japan, China, and Chinese Taipei
  • Asia Pacific- which consists of Southeast Asia and Oceania 
  • Europe 
  • North America

The first tournament for the online series will be the PUBG Continental Series Charity Showdown, which will take place in May 2020. There will be prize money of $100,000 for each region, with an additional $100,000 to be donated to a charity which the winners of each region will choose. 

Following the Charity Showdown, PUBG Continental Series events will take place in June, and August, across all four regions, with a prize pool of $200,000 for each region. There will be a "Pick'Em Challenge" event, where PUBG esports fans need to guess which team will win. Fans will also be offered new items, which will allow the top-performing teams to earn some additional money.

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The participants of PGS Berlin, including top teams from the qualifiers, will get some compensation. For example, those teams who have already qualified will be provided with $20,000 each.