PUBG Mobile: How to defeat King Fighter and get your Black Cat outfit

We explain what you need to do in order to defeat the PUBG Mobile King Fighter for some great rewards, including the Black Cat outfit.
PUBG Mobile: How to defeat King Fighter and get your Black Cat outfit

The PUBG Mobile King Fighter limited-time event kicked off on 18 February 2020 and there's still time to bag some great rewards.  

The event ends on 27th February and if you play each day and complete certain tasks, you will be able to claim a snazzy outfit to go with those chicken dinners. Here's what you need to know in order to defeat the King Fighter and get your Black Cat outfit. 

PUBG Mobile - How to defeat King Fighter 

The King Fighter event is basically a minigame within PUBG mobile, with the main objective to defeat the King Fighter and claim your rewards before the event concludes. 

All you need to do to get started is complete daily objectives. These change every day at 00:00 in your local time, but they are relatively straight-forward. These objectives will give you some energy and coins, the former of which you will use to defeat King Fighter. 

While the daily objectives rotate and change each day, they’re pretty easy to achieve. For example, simply logging or completing one match will give you a bit of energy and coins.  

Other objectives we've seen so far include surviving for 40 minutes in Classic Mode and reaching the top eight in a match. When logging in, the first thing you should do is simply check your mission objectives and start playing. 

After an objective is complete, don't forget to click on ‘collect’ to get your energy reward, which you’ll use to ultimately get your Black Cat outfit in the PUBG Mobile King Fighter event. 

After you've acquired some energy, you need to attack the King Fighter (using energy) in the minigame and take his health to zero for the Black Cat outfit.  

However, it’s important to note you can use three attacks and these cost different amounts of energy, with the higher energy attacks doing exponentially more damage, as outlined below: 

  • 20 energy attack - 100 damage 

  • 25 energy attack - 400  damage 

  • 30 energy attack - 800 damage 

The PUBG Mobile King Fighter has 10,000 health, so it would be wise to do 30 energy attacks for maximum damage output. 

Black Cat outfit and other prizes

Take the King Fighter's health to zero before 27 February at 00:00 and the Black Cat outfit will be yours. However, there are other prizes for various amounts of damage dealt as well.  

Check out all the prizes from the King Fighter event below. 

  • 9600 health left - 10 Silver 

  • 6,600 health left - Spray Can 

  • 3,600 health left - Classic Crate Scrap Coupon 

  • Zero health left - Black Cat outfit 

It’s important to note these rewards will automatically appear in your inventory after you reach the milestones above. Furthermore, the Black Cat outfit isn't permanent, as the item will only last for 10 days.