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PUBG Mobile Season 20 (SS1): Release date, time, rewards and leaks

PUBG Mobile season count is going to reset, and the new season is expected to be named Super Season 1 instead of Season 20. Here are the complete details about its release date, time, rewards and leaks.
PUBG Mobile Season 20 will release a few days after the release of the 1.5 Ignition update, and as per the leaks, it will be called Super Season 1. If you are confused about the term Super Season 1, the game’s season count will reset from the next update. Just like the previous seasons, PUBG Mobile SS1 will bring season exclusive in-game items and cosmetics, including outfits, weapon skins, emotes and more. 

In addition to this, the ranks of all the players will get reset as the season starts depending on their tier at the end of PUBG Mobile Season 19. Players will need to restart their journey to Conqueror, and they can unlock various season rewards while ranking up. Here are the complete details of PUBG Mobile Super Season 1 (SS1), including its release date, time, rewards and more.

PUBG Mobile SS1 release date and time

PUBG Mobile Season 20 Super Season 1 release date
PUBG Mobile Season 20 (Super Season 1) release date (Picture: Krafton)

PUBG Mobile Super Season 1 is expected to release on 13th July at 2 am (UTC +0) after Season 19 ends a day before. The RP section will get locked after the current season ends, and players will not be able to enter it to level up. Unlike the PUBG Mobile 1.5 update, it will not be available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store; instead, it will get automatically downloaded at the game’s loading screen. 

PUBG Mobile Season 20 rewards and leaks

PUBG Mobile Season 20 SS1 rewards and leaks
PUBG Mobile Season 20 (SS1) rewards and leaks (Picture: Krafton)

While Krafton is yet to reveal the upcoming content in PUBG Mobile Season 20, a few rewards have been leaked from the 1.5 beta version and here is a list of them:

  • Tidal Wargod - Scar-L
  • Marine Marauder - UZI
  • Marine Marauder - M24
  • Tidal Wargod Set
  • Night Stalker Set
  • Marine Predator Set
  • Wavebreaker Set
  • Marine Marauder emote

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