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PUBG v11.1 patch notes: Paramo’s comeback, Emergency Pickup, and more

The new update will bring changes to the map rotation and gameplay, as well as the start of Season 11.
PUBG v11.1 patch notes: Paramo’s comeback, Emergency Pickup, and more

After several months full of content along with the celebration of the fourth anniversary of the game, PUBG’s Season 10 has come to an end, so the beginning of the next season as well as the arrival of the new update is more than close.

Today, the developers of the battle royale have shared through their blog, all the respective changes to Patch 11.1 of the game, and that will bring some interesting changes within the title.

PUBG v11.1 patch notes: Paramo's map is back

PUBG 11.1 patch notes
(Picture: KRAFTON, Inc.)

Being one of the favorite locations by many, the Paramo map will be back in the game. This map can be selected in normal and custom games, being able to play on solo, duos and squad.

The map has also received several improvements, adding random gaps around it, increasing the spawn rate of secret rooms and aid pack helicopters, and improving the terrain by adding more coverage areas.

Finally, it has been announced that Paramo will replace Karakin within the game's map rotation, limiting the number of playable maps to five. According to the developers, this decision was made to have the opportunity to work on them for a while until these become available again.

PUBG v11.1: Emergency Pickup

The main novelty of this update will come from the Emergency Pickups. A system that has already been implemented in other titles such as Metal Gear Solid, and that will provide more windows of survival and repositioning to any team.

PUBG emergency Pickup
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When deploying the Emergency Pickup, a Fulton balloon will pop out of the backpack. When the balloon is fully inflated, players will have 60 seconds to latch onto it before a plane arrives, which will pick up the balloon, lift the players up, and begin heading to the center of the safe zone.

At any time during the flight, players will be able to let go and parachute. This new tool will allow a greater possibility of escaping from the blue zone, crossing an open field under enemy fire, or if you want to loot a remote place with your companions.

However, the Emergency Pickup cannot be used before the first circle and after the fourth, and it will also not work indoors, ferries, trains, or anywhere obstructed by obstacles in the area.

PUBG v11.1: Weapon balance changes

As part of the commitment to balancing the power of weapons within the game, various weapons will receive stat modifications to give them better prominence and improve weaponry options while on the battlefield.

  • Mini-14: +1 damage (46 → 47).
  • VSS: +2 damage (41 → 43).
  • SCAR-L: +1 damage (41 → 42).
  • SLR: The horizontal recoil has been increased by 15%, and the recoil recovery rate reduced (2.1 → 1.9).
  • Beryl: Increased horizontal recoil by 5%, horizontal recoil speed (10 → 11), and vertical recoil speed by 1.5 (15 → 16.5).

PUBG v11.1: Medal Mastery and PUBG ID updates

MEdal Mastery and PUBG ID
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This update will add a total of ten new medals to the game's repertoire of achievements, which will focus on different combat situations and survival.

Additionally, with Patch 11.1, it will be possible to display up to a maximum of two medals on your PUBG ID, giving you a way to demonstrate your seniority as well as your in-game skill.

PUBG 11.1 update
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New customization elements will also be added to PUBG ID, to give each of them a touch of identity.

PUBG v11.1: Match Log and Kill Feed

Starting with this update, the look of the Kill Feed will change making it shorter but more concise, giving it a similarity to its PUBG Mobile counterpart.

To level this out, a new feature will be added to the game, the Match Log. Through the Match Log, players will be able to observe each one of the events, murders, and positioning, allowing to see more in depth your game history.

(Picture: KRAFTON, Inc.)

This option will only be available in Battle Royale, Zombies, and Zone Pursuit modes, and in Observer mode.

PUBG v11.1: Ranked Season

This update will also bring a drastic change to the Ranked Seasons system, since from now on these will only last two months, so will no longer coincide with the periods of the Battle Pass.

To compensate for this, a new honor rewards system will be introduced within each season, allowing you to receive parachute skins from the Gold rank, animated emblems from the Platinum rank, and plates for the Top 500 and Master ranks.

In addition, the rewards for Season 10 have also been announced, this being the last to have an exclusive vehicle skin for Rankeds.

PUBG ranked system
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You can check all the information regarding bug fixes, store changes and other minor updates, through the Patch 11.1 notes on the official PUBG site. The new update will be available starting on 31st March, while players can already try it out on the Test Servers on PC.