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PUGB add bots for console players, PC implementation following soon

The developers confirmed their inclusion is to help new players get familiar with the game.
PUGB add bots for console players, PC implementation following soon

PUGB, one of the first Battle Royale's to truly make an impact, is looking for ways to ease in new players amidst the wide array of competitors currently on the market.

In a developer update on PUBG'S website, Lead Project manager Joon H. Choi, announced the implementation of bots, so first-time users get to experience the game beyond possibly dying in their first encounter against a much more experienced player. 

"While PUBG veterans continue to hone their skills, we’re seeing that many newer players are being eliminated early with no kills (...) In an effort to provide more ways for players to hone their skills and be able to fully enjoy what PUBG has to offer, we’ve decided to introduce bots with Update 7.1."

In the thorough blog post, Choi explained the technical aspects of the bot implementation, and how it will behave when it comes to movement, shooting, and looting - but most importantly, he reassured it's a work in progress, with the bots still going through learning processes in the near future.

“In the coming months, we’ll be implementing machine-learning techniques to continue monitoring how humans play, so we can apply improvements to make our bots behave more and more realistically.”

PUBG's community manager followed up on fans feedback by confirming the bots will also be available on the PC version, however, they won't show up on the upcoming competitive mode.



The mobile version of the popular Battle Royale has been using bots since its release, with players forced to level up the ranks in order to stop having their loobies filled with pesky AI's.