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PUBG Vikendi Reborn: Release Date, New Features, More

Vikendi is getting revamped as it returns as Vikendi Reborn in PUBG update 21.1.
PUBG Vikendi Reborn: Release Date, New Features, More

In the latest dev talk, Krafton announced the return of Vikendi, the snow map, after getting revamped as Vikendi Reborn with the PUBG update 21.1. While it is already available in the PC test server, players will be able to experience it in the global servers on December 6, while the console players will have to wait till December 15 for the same.

With the release of the next PUBG update, Vikendi will be expanded to 8x8km with the inclusion of new areas and features. Vikendi Reborn will feature the new Blizzard Zone that will limit your vision by producing snowstorms across the map, giving you an experience of harsh conditions. 

Blizzard Zone in Vikendi Reborn.
Blizzard Zone in Vikendi Reborn. (Picture: Krafton)

Since the map has gotten bigger, the devs have added Cable Cars as the new mode of transportation to help you travel quickly across the map. Each Cable Car station with have two routes, and each route will have one Cable Car, and you will be able to board them only when they arrive at the station. 

Next on the list are the Lab Camps that you can find around the frozen lake in the northwest that will be a source for various weapons, throwables, and more. Three types of supply drops will spawn there, including Red, Yellow, and Blue Supply Drops containing different items. 

  • Yellow Supply Drops: Boost items, Throwables, M79, or Level 3 Equipment.
  • Red Supply Drops: Weapons available in Vikendi (including ammo) and potential Care Package weapons.
  • Blue Supply Drops: Attachments available in Vikendi.

You can loot these drops to get an advantage over the enemies; however, some of these Lab Camps will have alarms that will activate immediately after the supply drop gets looted, alerting other players about your position.

Apart from this, the Comeback BR system of Vikendi will be adjusted, and now instead of only one Comeback BR zone, there will be a total of three phases. Players will have to survive the Comeback BR in order to return to the match, and they will have three chances to do it. However, if the team dies before the Comeback BR begins, you will be out of the match.

A bunch of features that were available in Deston will not be available in Vikendi as well to make the map even more enjoyable. This includes Map Utility Items (Ascender Attachment and Utility Parachute), Ascenders, Ascender Towers, and Fuel Pumps. In addition to this, crowbars can now be used to interact with various objects in Vikendi Reborn in order to open cabinets and locked buildings.

Snowmobile will return to Vikendi Reborn.
Snowmobile will return to Vikendi Reborn. (Picture: Krafton)

Last but not least, Snowmobile will be making a return in Vikendi Reborn, and the good thing is that its speed will not get decreased by flat surfaces, concrete, roads, or hard ground.

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Featured image courtesy of Krafton.